Message from the Chairman


We are contributing to the “achievement of the SDGs” by promoting sustainability in society and the environment.

Thank you very much for using Seven Bank’s services.

Since our establishment, Seven Bank has always been managed from the perspective of the customer, while at the same time aiming to “resolve social issues” and “enhance corporate value.” Activities related to our corporate social responsibility (CSR) are also defined by the fundamental principle of “the obligation to be proactively fulfilled as a company supported by customers and society and coexisting with the environment and society.” We have declared that we will carry out those activities continuously and effectively in light of our businesses and size.

Following this policy, in our core ATM platform business, we are proactively addressing increasingly diverse customer needs, while also working to coexist for mutual benefit with our partner financial institutions and business partners, as we strive to build a high-quality social infrastructure. At the same time, we have taken the environment and society into consideration as we developed our business, by continuously working to reduce the amount of energy consumed by our ATMs and various other innovative measures, including ways to allow persons with visual impairment and non-Japanese customers to use our services with peace of mind. Furthermore, we have pursued various activities that contribute to society, including for the past 15 years cosponsoring the picture book “Mori no Senshi Bonolon,” which seeks to promote communication between parents and children, as well as proactive support for victims of natural and other disasters and participation in activities to preserve forest environments

In recent years, activities related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which seek to resolve the global issues of climate change and increasing inequality through international cooperation, have taken on a higher profile. In Japan, the problems of poverty and major natural disasters caused by unusual weather are becoming more severe. We reaffirm our sincere belief that we cannot continue to engage in healthy corporate activities without a healthy society and a favorable global environment. In addition to reducing our negative impact on society and the environment, we need to operate in ways that earnestly promote sustainability. Our SDG initiatives are based on the assumption of corporate sustainability. Pursuing the challenge of resolving issues related to the SDGs will create new lifestyles in society and bring about innovation, which will in turn lead to new corporate earnings.

Last year, Seven Bank designated five “material issues” as a compass for corporate management, aiming to resolve social issues and continuously enhance corporate value. In addition, this fiscal year, we have strengthened our governance structure to further bolster both execution and oversight. In an age of uncertainty with drastic changes, we are taking a long-term perspective as we strive to “manage for sustainability in society and the environment and for continuous corporate growth.”

I ask for your continued support and guidance going forward.

Chairman and Representative Director

Kensuke Futagoishi