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Consumer Issues :
Customer Diversity Considerations

A broad spectrum of customers use Seven Bank ATMs, which are installed in a wide array of locations throughout Japan. We therefore aim for ATMs that all customers can use easily regardless of age, nationality or disability.

Voice Guidance for Visually Impaired Customers

Seven Bank provides voice-guided service to enable visually impaired customers to securely use its ATMs by themselves. This service uses the ATM interphone to provide voice guidance. Following the spoken instructions, users can press the buttons of the interphone keypad to withdraw and deposit money and make balance inquiries. The customers of more than 500 of our partner financial institutions use this service.

Accepting Overseas Cards to Increase Convenience for Customers from Foreign Countries

Many people visiting Japan from abroad experience problems obtaining yen once they enter Japan. Relatively few ATMs in Japan accept cards issued overseas for cash withdrawals, and customers who may want to exchange foreign currency into yen must deal with the limited operating hours and days of banks and post offices, and may also have trouble finding a branch in their neighborhood.

Seven Bank provides withdrawal services in Japan that accept more than four billion cash cards and credit cards issued overseas, allowing customers from abroad to easily obtain cash at Seven Bank ATMs located in familiar Seven-Eleven stores. Moreover, our ATMs provide onscreen and voice guidance in English, Korean, Chinese and Portuguese, and provide receipts in these four languages.

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Meeting the Money Transfer Needs of Foreigners in Japan

Seven Bank began offering international money transfer services from March 2011 in cooperation with Western Union, the world's largest international money transfer company. This service enables overseas money transfers from Seven Bank accounts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in principle using a personal computer, mobile phone or ATM. Among the many merits of the system, senders can simply and reliably transfer money for a reasonable fee, while recipients can receive the transferred funds in a few short minutes.

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