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Basic CSR Policy (Summary)

CSR Definition

Seven Bank defines CSR as "the primary obligation to be fulfilled to co-exist with the environment and society from which the Bank derives its customer and social support."

Policy for Initiatives

The Bank has established a basic policy of conducting effective and continuous CSR initiatives based on its Corporate Principles, Management Policy and Charter of Ethics and the content and scale of its businesses.

CSR Standpoints

Seven Bank has identified the following six standpoints for examining and assessing its businesses in implementing CSR activities.

  1. How do the Bank's business activities contribute to society's economic well-being?
  2. Is the Bank sufficiently attentive to the natural environment, and does it make sufficient efforts to address environmental problems?
  3. What responsibility does the Bank bear for its products and services toward its customers and to what extent are these responsibilities fulfilled?
  4. Does the Bank maintain a safe and comfortable working environment and respect the human rights of its employees and the employees of its business partners?
  5. Does the Bank work closely with society as a good corporate citizen and actively undertake activities that contribute to society?
  6. Does the Bank maintain a policy that strongly opposes anti-social groups?

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