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Consumer Issues :
Providing Reliable, Secure Services

Our premise is that customers should be able to safely and confidently withdraw or deposit cash in our ATMs. We therefore enhance ATM security measures and work to prevent fraudulent transactions and financial crime.

Objective : Safe Transactions

A large number of Seven Bank ATMs located in places such as convenience stores, supermarkets, commercial facilities and train stations are available for public use by large numbers of people. We therefore emphasize various approaches to design and function that allow customers to use our ATMs securely.

For example, ATM displays have a special film so that the screen cannot be seen at an angle from the periphery. Also, keypads for entering information such as personal identification number are recessed to keep others from viewing input.

Financial Crime Countermeasures

Seven Bank established the Financial Crime Prevention Division to handle financial crimes such as fraudulent transfers. Our initiatives to eradicate financial crime include using an account monitoring system and a filtering system to prevent fraudulent use of Seven Bank accounts, dealing with money laundering, suspicious transaction notifications, and cooperating with requests from the police during investigations. We also implement various measures to prevent fraudulent use of accounts and to keep customers from being defrauded, such as rigorously confirming the identity of people who are opening an account.

Information and Warnings on ATM Screens

People transferring money via a Seven Bank ATM receive an on-screen warning, "Beware of Transfer Fraud!" and a warning buzzer sounds simultaneously. The transaction cannot proceed until the user presses a button acknowledging the warning.

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