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Consumer Issues :
Dialogue with Customers

Seven Bank began operating because customers said they wanted access to ATMs in Seven-Eleven stores. We therefore attach the highest importance to customer opinions, carefully listening to and using them in creating and improving services.

A Framework for Using Customer Opinions in Improvements

Seven Bank interfaces with customers in Japanese and English via its ATM call centers and telephone centers in Tokyo and Osaka. The Customer Service Division manages these two centers. Doing its best for customers under the slogan of "Best for You," the division supports service improvements by collecting customer opinions and communicating them to the appropriate division and senior managers according to content.

Initiatives to Increase Customer Satisfaction

The Customer Service Division aims to increase customer satisfaction through various initiatives. The division has established various training programs for operators at the ATM call centers and telephone centers, and periodically holds internal contests. The division also participates energetically in external contests judged by third parties in working to share and enhance employee skills. Moreover, the division periodically conducts customer satisfaction surveys to improve responsiveness based on customer evaluations. These initiatives help us cultivate people who can think and act independently according to the viewpoint of customers.

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