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Consumer Issues :
Stable Operation of Our ATM System Network

Seven Bank manages an ATM network that operates continuously 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our primary duty to customers is to maintain the reliability and security of our ATMs and network system to permit their continuous use. We fulfill this mission by continually focusing on stable operation from three perspectives.

System Network Diagram

Stable System Network Operation

Prevention of System Downtime

  • A.Disaster preparedness through two system centers in eastern and western Japan
    Redundancy : An eastern Japan system center in the Tokyo area in Kanagawa Prefecture and a western Japan system center in Osaka each have a relay system, an ATM call center, telephone center and other facilities. Each center operates continuously, and have built an automatic system that can perform reciprocal backups in the event of a disaster.
  • B.Center facility redundancy and emergency response
    Facility redundancy : The redundant relay systems at the two system centers in eastern and western Japan ensure the ability to handle emergencies reliably.

Reliable Security Measures

  • C.Use of dedicated circuits on a proprietary network
    Seven Bank connects directly to partner financial institutions via its own proprietary network. This network uses dedicated circuits for reliable security.
  • D.Upgrading ability to encrypt data and detect unauthorized access
    We are upgrading our ability to encrypt data according to partner financial institution transaction type and our ability to automatically detect incidents such as unauthorized network access and intrusions.

Prompt Response to Malfunctions and Problems

  • E.Integrated control and real-time management of all ATMs
    We manage all ATMs throughout Japan via our system on a real-time basis. ATMs automatically send a signal if malfunctions or problems occur, enabling a prompt and accurate response.
  • F.Individualized control of the screen display on specific ATMs
    We control the ATM screen display by region and installed location. If problems occur, we display when a security guard is scheduled to arrive as part of our rapid emergency response.

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