July 19, 2013

SEVEN BANK will improve its account services in early 2014

Accessible through your bank account not only from ATMs but also through the Web more easily.

◆More Convenient Points for Web Transactions.

  1. Speed up your procedures!
    Using the Web is a quick way to complete procedures that currently requires documents sent by mail.
    Procedures newly available through the Web (Examples)
    ・Registration for automatic debiting services
    ・Re-issuance of your cash card
    ・Procedure in case you forget your cash card PIN
  2. Easier to use from smartphones!
    The screen designed for smartphone enables more smooth transactions anytime, anywhere.
  3. More convenient domestic money transfers!
    Future transfers and automatic monthly transfers can be made through the Web.
  4. Further enhanced security!
    Security can be set to ensure the safe use of your account.

Services and procedures to be discontinued.

  • Procedures using registered seals or signatures will be abolished for Web customers, which will be performed mainly through the Web.
    For non-Web customers, the procedures will remain unchanged.
  • Telephone Banking, the automated voice-guided transaction service, will be discontinued.
    Customer support via Telephone Center will be available.
  • The Quick Logon feature will be discontinued for use for Mobile Banking via mobile phones.
    You need to enter your ID and password each time you use this service.
  • Unavailable mobile-phone models will be changed.
    The models that do not support cookies will not be available.
    Please click hereopen new window (Japanese only) for the models.

No procedures need to be performed by customers at this point.
We will inform you of any necessary procedures later.