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Girl's Card Project Dokumo teams up with Seven Bank to produce an exclusive Seven Bank original cash card!

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New design for Girl’s Card!

Thank you for waiting!You can now apply for an original cash card, “Girl’s Card” produced by Girl’s Card project.Brand-new design has been born, which is loved by men and women of all ages!It may bring you “luckier with money”.

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Precautions When Making a New Application

  • ・You can apply for the Girl's card via the internet (including smartphones), at Seven Bank manned outlets or at our Contact Center.

Precautions When Changing Cards

  • ・When changing (reissuing) from an existing Seven Bank account cash card (not a Girl's card) to a Girl's card, there is a reissuance fee of 1,100 Yen (including consumption tax) debited from your account when the Girl's card is issued.
    Please contact the Contact Center for more information.
  • ・After using a new card that is reissued, the existing cash card can no longer be used. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
  • ・Be aware that when reissuing a Girl's card, a cash card with a different design may be issued if the Girl's card has been discontinued, or due to another reason.

Seven Bank has teamed up with Dokumo Café and started the “Girl's Card Project”!

Thanks to the wonderful response we received for the “Girl's Card,”a cash card, which was issued up until 2012 and was only available for a limited time, we have kicked off the “Girl's Card Project” again.For the project this time, Seven Bank has teamed up with Dokumo Café to support girls of all ages, and we have decided to come up with a whole new makeover and design for another original cash card!The Dokumo reader-models from Dokumo Café have teamed up with Seven Bank to form the Visual Press Group to promote “Happy Girls,” featuring a cash card design that women “will have to have,”“will have to show off” and “will get excited once they have it.”Voters will be able to choose their favorite card design, which will be available on this website, to decide on the final product.We encourage all of you to vote for your favorite design to help us decide on the final product.

What is Dokumo Café? Dokumo Café is a web portal for Dokumo reader-models.It includes 3,000 Dokumo reader-models who are active all over Japan. The 3,000 reader-models work to “bring beauty while having fun” to accomplish something that is impossible with just 1 Dokumo reader-model.

Official Website of Dokumo Café (Japanese only)

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