Good News for China remitters!

SEVEN BANK International Money Transfer Service

Money transferred from Seven Bank can now be received by internet banking of the affiliated banks’ of Western Union China. See below for the available banks.


Up to now
The receiver have had to visit a Western Union affiliated bank and payout at the counter
From now on
The receiver can now payout by internet banking from the affiliated banks of Western Union. See the following available banks below. Or bank counter payout is still available as usual.

Conditions of Use

The sender
To apply a contract with Seven Bank International Money transfer Service, and register the recipients in China in advance.
The receiver
To hold a bank account in any of the available banks below, and has full access to its internet banking service.

Available banks

Bank Name Inquiry Telephone Center
China Ever Bright Bank of China Co. Ltd 86-10-95595
Shanghai Pudong Development Bank 86-21-95528
Postal Savings Bank of China 86-10-95580
Agricultural Bank of China
* limited branches only.


  • 1
    Send money to China by using Seven Bank International Money transfer Service

    Click here for Seven Bank International Money Transfer Service outline

  • 2
    The sender communicates the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number), amount of money to be received and other necessary information to the receiver.
  • 3
    The receiver logs in to the internet banking site of available banks indicated on the left column

  • 4
    From the internet banking menu, the receiver selects Western Union Receiving Service option and enter the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) and other information*2 of the designated available bank indicated on the left column.

  • 5
    Money will be transferred to the receiver’s bank account *3-4

Inquiries about receiving money of the international money transfer service*5
(Western Union Customer Service Center)
seven days a week 9:00 -22:00
From Japan0034-800-400-733
From Overseas+61-2-9226-9554
Inquiries about the Seven Bank International Money Transfer Service
(Customer Center for International Money Transfers)
Sunday - Friday 10:00 - 20:00 (Except public holidays12/31~1/3)
(Seven Bank Telephone Center)
seven days a week 8:00 – 21:00
  • *1 Money will be able to be received only at receiving locations affiliated with Western Union. Money will not be able to be received at receiving locations in countries other than the country designated by customers. A separate transaction such as the transfer to receivers' deposit accounts and the translation into another currency (including the translation of currencies with a small unit into another currency) may be required to receive the money. Money transferred is able to be received only during the business hours of the receiving locations. For more information on the method of receiving money and receiving locations, please refer to the "How to Receive Money" page and the "Maximum Amount of Transfer, Countries, Locations, and Currencies" page, respectively.
  • *2 For details please confirm by by contacting the Western Union Customer Service Center (0034-800-400) or the above-mentioned available banks.
  • *3 Seven Bank will not be responsible for the locations, operating hours, currencies handled, and other services and the quality of service at receiving locations. Seven Bank will not be liable for any wrong payment, nonpayment, underpayment, or late payment attributable to Western Union or receiving locations affiliated with it. However, if Seven Bank and Western Union confirm after investigations based on customers' inquiries that an incorrect payment or nonpayment is attributable to Western Union or receiving locations, Seven Bank will take action that it will consider appropriate, such as cancellation of the money transfer and correct payment, taking customers' choices.
  • *4 When receiving the money transfer, stamp tax and other taxes may be subtracted from the amount transferred when it is withdrawn. There may be additional charges for additional transactions between the receiver and the receiving location. The receiver will be responsible for the additional transactions, and Seven Bank will not pay any charges or assume any responsibility regardless of the reason.
  • *5 Except for the payout countries and payout currencies, these matters will be handled at the Seven Bank Telephone Center.
  • ◇The Seven Bank international money transfer service will be offered by Seven Bank and will not be provided by Western Union on its own. Western Union will support Seven Bank as a business partner in withdrawals at receiving locations. Neither Western Union nor receiving locations will be a party to the transactions.
  • ◇In principle, the services and transactions of Seven Bank will be described in Japanese. For the convenience of customers, other languages are also used. However, the use of other languages will be limited, and if there is any difference between the meanings of Japanese and other languages, the Japanese meaning will take precedence.