Seven Bank International Money Transfer Service

Seven Bank International Money Transfer ServiceInternational Money Transfer Service


Seven Bank account services

There's more to Seven Bank other than International Money Transfer Service!

Here's a line up of "convenient" services other than the International Money Transfer Service

Featuring the all-new DEBIT service!


Seven Bank can be used to receive your salary !

You can receive your salary or your part-time wages. Deposits and withdrawals are free of charge between 7:00 to 19:00.

  • * Financial Insitution code of Seven Bank is 0034
  • * Be sure to check beforehand whether or not your employer can designate Seven Bank as bank for receiving of Salary


You can make domestic money transfers anytime you want !

To the same Seven Bank account:
The transfer fee is 55 Yen
To other bank account:
The transfer fee is 220 Yen

  • * There may be an additional charge for use of an ATM depending on the time of the day.


Place your savings on Time Deposit!

You can easily set up a transaction anytime using Direct Banking Service or at Seven Bank ATM's. To learn how to place a Time deposit using the ATM please check this tutorial video.

  • * For further details, please check here(Japanese and English).


Our multilingual ATM and help desk will support you in 9 languages !

Your ATM transactions and help desk for your queries are supported in 9 languages.

  • * The ATM multilingual support is for cash card transactions only (except for some transactions)
  • * Some transactions may only be assisted at our Contact Center.