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Japan ATM Navigation (Smartphone App)

We will discontinue the "Seven Bank ATM Navigation" (Smartphone App) Service as of Tuesday, May 15, 2018.

Please note that the information displayed on the app will no longer be updated to the latest one.
To search for the ATM location and business hours, please check on our website.
We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Smartphone App Japan ATM Navigation

The "Japan ATM Navigation" application provides a route from the user's current location to the closest Seven Bank ATM that is easy to follow. The guide that uses the map function as well as the guide that uses the *AR (Augmented Reality) function are both available.

  • *AR (Augmented Reality) is a technology that layers digital information, such as text and graphics, onto a real physical view of the world.

[Guide When Using Map][Guide When Using Map]

[Guide When Using AR (Augmented Reality)][Guide When Using AR (Augmented Reality)]

Main Functions

Guide When Using Map

A route is displayed from the user's current location to the closest Seven Bank ATM.
Follow the route to get to the closest ATM.

Guide When Using AR (Augmented Reality)

AR layers and displays the location of the closest Seven Bank ATM and the distance from the current location in an image using the smartphone camera.

Use Without Internet Access

An AR guide is available even when the user does not have internet access (The guide that uses the map is not available).

Rights When Using This Application

When using an Android terminal, the access permission below is required for using the application functions.

Full Internet Access /
View Network State
Used for acquiring map information, acquiring route information and updating ATM location information.
Fine (GPS) LocationUsed for acquiring the current location via GPS.
Network-Based LocationUsed for acquiring the current location via a base station.
StorageUsed for saving map information and ATM location information.
Take VideosUsed for AR mode.

Compatible OS


Terminals equipped with Android OS 4.4 or later


iPhone terminals equipped with iOS 9 or later

  • *When using this application on a tablet terminal, it may not run properly.

Terms of Use

  • This application uses the GPS function in order to acquire the customer's location information and search for a route to an ATM, etc. Please note that this application cannot be used if the terminal is not equipped with GPS.
  • Please note that this application may not run properly or there may be a margin of error in the location information due to the status of the signal or the interference with surrounding electronic devices.
  • The application itself is free of charge. However, the customer must pay the data communication fee that incurs when downloading or using this application.
  • This application acquires information concerning the date and time of the search and the location information at the time of the search. However, it does not acquire information that identifies the customer.
    Note that the acquired information is sent to the server for Navitime Japan Co., Ltd.
  • The ATM information, such as the service hours, may be different from the actual information depending on the settings on the customer's terminal, etc. In addition, there may be ATMs that are displayed which are located in areas or facilities that require an entrance fee (such as ATMs that are located at a train station) or ATMs which cannot be used on the specified day (such as ATMs located on company premises).
  • Please note that the ATM that was identified in the search may be temporarily unavailable due to system maintenance or a system fault.
  • The ATM information that is displayed in this application will not be updated unless it is updated by the customer.
    Perform updates regularly because the information displayed prior to the update may not be accurate.
  • There may be a margin of error in the location information for the ATM that is displayed in the map, when compared to the actual location of the ATM.
  • When using this application, be sure to stop and use it in a safe place to avoid an accident.
  • Seven Bank may stop supplying this application, change its content, update the version of the application or change the "Terms of Use" without notifying the customer or acquiring the customer's consent.
  • When using this application on a tablet terminal, it may not run properly.
  • Compatible smartphones that can use this application are limited to the models prescribed by Seven Bank (hereafter referred to as "designated model"). When using another terminal that is not a designated model, Seven Bank shall not be responsible for any losses suffered due to the smartphone being affected by an error or deviation in the display information of the application and thus prohibiting the customer from using this application properly. Nor shall Seven Bank be responsible for any other losses except when there is deliberate or gross negligence on the part of Seven Bank.
  • In addition, even if a designated model is used with this application, please note that this application may not run properly prohibiting its use depending on the usage conditions of the terminal, etc.
  • If the application does not indicate the correct orientation, it may be eliminated by moving your smartphone as "8"figure or by updating software for the smartphone.
  • When using a iPhone terminal, the procedure below is required.
    "Settings" > "Privacy" > "Location Services" > "System Service" > "Compass Calibration" > "ON"
  • In the preparation of the Corporation Zenrin map, we reserve the right to use 1:500,000 regional maps and 25,000:1 topographic maps issued by the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (Approved number 26, No.244-B34/承認番号平26情使、第244-B34号). In addition, we use maps that have been revised with additional information and modified based on the Japan Digital Road Map issued by Japan Digital Road Map Association Inc.
    ((c) 2012 general Japan Digital Road Map Association) and (Use approval of survey results 12-161N under the provision of Article 44.)
  • The map displayed on this service has been created using the 250 m numerical map mesh (elevation) issued by the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan with the approval of that authority.
    (Approval Number No.76 2003/承認番号 平15総使第76号)

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