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First round. Debit Card Service Now Available! 'Shop with Your Cash Card' Campaign. On October 17, 2016, Seven Bank launched a new service called 'Cash Card with Debit Card Service'. To celebrate the launch of this service, we will offer premium points in addition to regular points, hoping to provide our customers with the opportunity to experience the convenience and benefits of the new service.

Both for existing card holders and new card holders of Cash Card with Debit Card Service. We will offer Plus the regular points (0.5%-1.5% of every purchase) 300 nanaco points to all our customers who have used their Cash Card with Debit Card Service to make 3,000 yen or more in total purchases at JCB member merchants!

A cash card you can shop with What is Seven Bank Cash Card  with Debit Card Service?

What are regular points?

Campaign overview
Period Mon Oct 17 – Sat Dec 31, 2016
How to get premium points in the campaign We will offer 300 nanaco points to all our customers who have made purchases totaling 3,000 yen or more at JCB member merchants using their Cash Card with Debit Card Service.
  • *During the campaign, those who already used their Cash Cards with Debit Card Service and made purchases for 3,000 yen or more are still eligible for this campaign.
When to receive premium points 300 nanaco points will be awarded to each recipient's registered nanaco number *1 on February 15, 2017 *2 .
  • *1nanaco number that is registered to Seven Bank Point Service. No processing required as this will automatically set when you apply for the card.
  • *2This may be delayed to March 15, 2017, for some recipients.
Please note:
  • It usually takes around two weeks to complete a debit card service agreement, but it may take more time than usual during the campaign period. We recommend that you apply for the service as soon as possible.
  • You will not receive premium points if you have closed your Seven Bank Account by the time we award points or in other cases where we are unable to follow the procedure for awarding points.
  • We will not award points to any nanaco number other than those registered with us.

For Seven Bank Account holders For those who do not yet have an account

Apply for a Cash Card with Debit Card Service

  • Conditions to apply

    Only customers that satisfy all of the following conditions can use the Debit Card Service:

    • (1)Individual customers who have a Seven Bank Account (including customers who apply to open an account and the Debit Card Service at the same time)
    • (2)Customers who are sixteen (16) years of age or older at the time of contract
  • Cash Card with Debit Card Service

    You can choose from the following two types of cards when you apply:

    • (1)Cash Card with Debit Card Service (nanaco integrated card)
    • (2)Cash Card with Debit Card Service (nanaco linked card)
    • *Customers choosing a Cash Card with Debit Card Service (nanaco linked card) will need to separately obtain a nanaco card to receive nanaco points.
  • Debit Card Function

    • (1)This card may be used for payment at JCB merchants both in Japan and overseas (as well as for payments for online shopping, utility charges, and mobile phone bills).
      • *This card may not be available for certain payments, such as expressway tolls and in-flight sales.
        For details, see here
    • (2)This card may be used to withdraw cash in local currency from overseas ATMs bearing the "JCB" or "Cirrus" marks.
      • *Each overseas purchase and ATM withdrawal will be converted into yen by using the standard rate prescribed by JCB plus the rate prescribed by the Bank (3.0%).
      • *For withdrawals from ATMs overseas, a fee of 108 yen per transaction will be charged. Moreover, for withdrawals from certain ATMs, an additional fee may be charged as prescribed by the relevant local financial institution.

As of January 1, 2017

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