List of Member Merchants Not Providing Debit Card Service


Merchants that do not accept the debit card

The Cash Card with Debit Card Service can not be used at some merchants such as expressway, gas stations, in-flight sales, registered-based member merchants (merchants with which customers register their card numbers and continually make payments) and others, even if the store is a JCB merchant. Moreover, the Bank may not allow some merchants to offer the service depending on the merchant business type and form of use, even if the merchant is not listed in the table below.

2022 / 4 / 28

Electronic money Edy charge
JR West ICOCA (incl. buying/charging)
nanaco charge
Mail order shopping and the like i Lumine
Tsutaya Discas
Co-op Kinki
Insurance fees SBI Insurance
Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Himawari Life Insurance
AXA Direct Life Insurance
H.S. Insurance
BNP Paribas Cardif
Houseguard SSI
Tokyo Marine Nichido
Nihon Kyosai
Mitsui Sumitomo Aioi Life Insurance
Mitsui Life Insurance
Rakuten General Insurance
Leisure JRA
Izumi Country Club
Kyo no Ondokoro
Electricity bills BBIQ Power Company
Plane in-flight sales
Some taxi companies, gas stations, and golf courses

Merchants with which customers register their card numbers and continually make payments
(Utility bills, newspaper subscription fee, insurance fee, internet service provider fee, mobile phone bills * etc.)

  • Seven Bank Cash Cards with Debit Card Service will continue to be available for payments to some mobile
    carriers (NTT docomo, au, SoftBank, Y!mobile, UQ mobile, and Rakuten mobile).
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