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Special Procedure Required of Current or Former Foreign PEPs(*1) or Family Members Thereof

In accordance with the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds as well as the relevant Cabinet Order and Ministerial Ordinance and other regulations (hereinafter referred to as "laws and regulations"), we request our customers to make a report of their status if they are current or former foreign PEPs (politically exposed persons) or family members thereof(*2), when they open accounts or conduct transactions with our bank.(*3)

If you fall within either of these categories (have any status indicated in the dotted-line box below), please call our Contact Center to report your status. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Current or former foreign PEP
  • *1.
    "Current or former foreign PEPs (politically exposed persons)" refers to a "person who is or was a Head of State or an individual in a prominent position at a government, central bank or any other similar organization of a foreign country," or more specifically, a person who currently holds or formerly held a position equivalent to any of the following in a foreign country:
    • Head of State
    • Position equivalent to the Prime Minster or any other minister or state minister (vice minister)
    • Position equivalent to the Speaker or Vice Speaker of the House of Representatives, or the Speaker or Vice Speaker of the House of Councillors
    • Position equivalent to a Justice of the Supreme Court
    • Position equivalent to an Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary, Ambassador on Special Mission, Representative of the Government of Japan, or Plenipotentiary
    • Position equivalent to the Chief of Staff, Joint Staff, Vice Chief of Staff, Joint Staff, Chief of Staff, Ground Self-Defense Force (G.S.D.F.), Vice Chief of Staff, G.S.D.F., Chief of Staff, Maritime Self-Defense Force (M.S.D.F.), Vice Chief of Staff, M.S.D.F., Chief of Staff, Air Self-Defense Force (A.S.D.F.) or Vice Chief of Staff, A.S.D.F.
    • Officer of a central bank
    • Officer of a corporation whose budget must be decided or approved by the Diet
  • *2.
    Scope of "family members" of a foreign PEP to be reported
    • Spouse*
    • Parents
    • Children (including children born to the foreign PEP and the former spouse thereof* and children born to the foreign PEP's spouse* and the spouse's former spouse*)
    • Siblings
    • Parents of the spouse*
    • Including the spouse in common-law marriage.
  • *3.
    Types of transactions to be reported
    Specified transactions as prescribed by laws and regulations, such as opening accounts, converting ordinary cash cards to cash cards with debit card service, and applying for loan services.