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We will inform you about the contents of frequently asked questions in the Contact Center.

We request our customers with foreign nationalities to submit photocopies of their residence cards or similar documents.

You can change your address, telephone number, occupation, and other information by going to "Customer Service" through the Direct Banking Service.

Even when you use the Direct Banking Service on a device other than a smartphone, you may need to have your smartphone at hand to operate the app.

If you use the money transfer service to the Philippines or the app authentication function, you need to configure the app usage settings.

If you have any queries about International Mioney Transfer Service, please refer here.

Frequently asked questions are addressed and summarized here.

Your Seven Bank Cash Card is Lost or Stolen
Unauthorized Transactions

If you notice that you have lost your cash card, follow either of the necessary procedures below for suspension of use immediately. We will immediately suspend cash card withdrawals and transactions using our Direct Banking Service.

Procedure from the Direct Banking Service

Perform the procedure to reissue a card that was lost or stolen from the Direct Banking Service.
Your card will be cancelled as soon as you complete the procedure.

Log on to the Direct Banking Service
to reissue your card

Perform the procedure by phone

Contact the Contact Center

  • We offer support every day 24 hours a day if there was an unauthorized transaction recorded or your cash card was lost or stolen.

Contact Center

Chat Service

An operator will answer your questions via chat during the business hours of our Contact Center.

  • Languages ​​supported: Japanese, English, Tagalog, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian

Inquiry Form(Inquiry by email)

Customers who have a Seven Bank Account

We also support inquiries for our Direct Banking Service. Logon to the Direct Banking Service page for PCs and make an inquiry by clicking "Help / Q&A > Inquiry Form" on the upper right of the home screen.

Customers who do not have a Seven Bank Account

We will respond to general inquiries via e-mail, which do not involve identity verification. We cannot provide information regarding your own account.

  • We use the service provided by SPIRAL, Inc. "SPIRAL ver.1."
    Before making an inquiry, please read the precaution indicated below the inquiry form.


Call the Contact Center to inquire about Seven Bank service descriptions.
Check the number to ensure that you are calling the correct number.

The Japanese Bankers Association, Customer Relations Center, which is managed by the same association, offers consultation for various bank related matters and provides support for customer inquiries as well as bank related feedback and complaints. Support for consultation and inquiries is free.

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