Submission of documents regarding Individual Number (My Number) for application to International Money Transfer agreement

For the purpose of filing annual reports related to transactions such as foreign money transfer under the Japanese laws and regulations(*), verification of individual number (My Number) for customers who 【transfer money overseas】on and after January 1, 2016 will be required.

As indicated above, customers who contract with the International money transfer serviceof Seven Bank will be required to notify their Individual Number or My Number by submitting the following documents.

Please note that until submission of documents related to Individual Number (My number) has been duly completed, the use of international money transfer service will not be available.

* Banking services such as deposits, withdrawals, and receiving of salary will remain available as usual except the use of International money transfer service.

* You may start using the International Money Transfer Service in 1 to 2 business days after Seven bank has received your Individual Number (My Number) documents.

* Please refer here for the name of the applicable laws.

DOCUMENTS TO BE SUBMITTED: Relating to Individual Number (My number)

1 Copy of Notification Card (Front & Back)

1 Or 2

2 Copy of Individual Number (Front & Back)

3Individual Number Declaration (Seven Bank will mail this to your residential address.)

You may confirm about the receipt of notification card or isuance of individual number by going to the Individual Number WEBSITE. You may also contact the Call Center and the municipal office of the town where you live (your municipality).

個人番号カード 総合サイト 地方公共団体情報システム機構

My Number Call Center (Inquiries about the Notification card and Individual Number card)

0120-95-0178 (Japanese)

0120-0178-27 (English・Chinese・Portuguese・Spanish)

In line with Article 15, paragraph (2) and Article 18, paragraph (3) of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, we hereby inform you that we have revised our policy on use of our customers' individual numbers and personal information containing their individual numbers by introducing a new purpose of use as follows.
The revision will come into effect as of January 1, 2018, when the management of deposit information by linking deposit accounts with the account holders' individual numbers will be launched.

* The purpose of use introduced by this revision is the one underlined below.

(Purpose of Use)
Seven Bank shall not use its customers' individual numbers or personal information containing their individual numbers for any purposes other than carrying out the following services:

- service to prepare statutory reports concerning transactions of international money transfer, etc.; or

- service related to linking deposit accounts with the account holders' individual numbers.

For registration for Seven Bank International Money Transfer Service, or inquiries other than above:
Customer Center for International money transfer (English)

10:00 - 20:00, Sunday-Friday, (Except public holidays, and from 31 December - 3 January)