Submission of documents regarding Individual Number (My Number) for application to International Money Transfer agreement

For the purpose of filing annual reports related to transactions such as foreign money transfer under the Japanese laws and regulations(*), verification of individual number (My Number) for customers who 【transfer money overseas】on and after January 1, 2016 will be required.

As indicated above, customers who contract with the International money transfer serviceof Seven Bank will be required to notify their Individual Number or My Number by submitting the following documents.

Please note that until submission of documents related to Individual Number (My number) has been duly completed, the use of international money transfer service will not be available.

* Banking services such as deposits, withdrawals, and receiving of salary will remain available as usual except the use of International money transfer service.

* If you are applying to open an account with international money transfer service and have not completed the submission of documents related to your Individual Number (My Number), your application for account opening may not be accepted.

* Please refer here for the name of the applicable laws.

* The following documents are not acceptable as number confirmation documents.

・Notification card

・Individual number notification letter

About submission of identity verifcation documents related to Individual number (My Number)

Please submit the following (1)~ (3) using the return envelope and mail it to us by post (no stamp necessary)

  1. (1) Individual Number (My Number) Document

    • Individual Number Card (My Number Card)
      Photocopy of front and back side

    • Photocopy of Residence certificate (with My Number described)
      Original copy

    • * Starting from June 21, 2021, the handling of My Number notification cards will no longer be available.
    • * My Number Notification Card cannot be accepted.
  2. (2) Identity verification documents
    ((1)ID provided must match your name, address, and date of birth)

    • (1) For customers who selected Individual Number Card (My Number Card)

      • For Japanese
        • Driver's License
          Photocopy of front and back side

        • Health Insurance CardPhotocopy of front and back side

        • Photopy of Residence Certificate
          Original copy

      • For Foreign Nationals
        • Residence CardPhotocopy of front and back side

    • (1) For customers who selected Residence Certificate or Juminhyo (with My Number described)

      • For Japanese
        • Driver's LicensePhotocopy of front and back side

        • Health Insurance CardPhotocopy of front and back side

        • Individual Number Card
          (My Number Card)Photocopy of the front side

      • For Foreign Nationals
        • Residence CardPhotocopy of front and back side

  3. (3) Individual Number Declaration Form
    (Seven Bank will mail this form to your residential address.).

For issuance of Individual Number Card, please visit the website for Individual Number/My Number Card (external link), inquire through their toll-free number, or check relevant information in the city or area where you currently live.

Website for Individual Number Card/My Number

Toll-free number for Individual Number/My Number

0120-95-0178 (Japanese)

0120-0178-27 (English・Chinese・Portuguese・Spanish)

For registration for Seven Bank International Money Transfer Service, or inquiries other than above:
Contact Center (English)

Mon to Sat 9:00~18:00
(Except Sundays, National Holidays and 12/31~1/3)