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①How to apply (this is the same for all services)(※13)

You can easily apply using the International Money Transfer App without the need to send any forms in the post.
Open an account while talking to an Operator. Use your phone to take photos of documents. (Duration: In less than 15 minutes)
Please prepare the following items in advance.

[What You Need to Prepare]

  • Proof of identity document (Residence Card for customers of foreign nationality)
    • *Note: Only documents that have your current address are acceptable.
  • Your My Number document (Take a photo of your notification card or Individual Number card)
  • Receiver information (name and address)
    • *Note: When using Bank to Bank transfer, the account details (bank name, account number, and so on) are also necessary.

Other application methods are HERE

Let’s start by downloading the International Money Transfer App!

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Application Process

No need to mail forms! Complete your application in less than 20 minutes! Super easy to apply for Debit Card using Seven Bank "International Money Transfer App"

It takes about two to three weeks from when you apply for your cash card to arrive at the registered address (by simplified registered mail).
If you receive an attempted delivery notice in the mail, please ask the post office to redeliver the card or pick it up at the post office.

Other application methods are HERE

②Set up your Direct Banking Service [Online Banking] (this is the same for all services)

To use service, you must register to Direct Banking Service.
You can easily set up to Direct Banking Service using the SEVEN BANK Money Transfer App.

③How to Send Money using Philippine Money Transfer Service (Mobile Remit sa Pinas)

To use this service, you must register to Direct Banking Service (Online Banking).

  • *After you download 'SEVENBANK money transfer App', press the LOG IN button from the main screen of the app to register.


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