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How to Receive Money

If you remit money using the “Philippine Money Transfer Service (Mobile Remit sa Pinas)” , the receiver will receive Philippine Peso at the pick-up location that you specify when you remit money. When picking up the money, the receiver must present a valid photo identification and must fill out an application form with the reference number and other details.

If you use Bank to Bank transfer, the receiver does not need to fill out any forms.

List of Banks that you can deposit to are HERE

STEP 1 Your receiver goes to a receiving location

Take the reference number that the receiver received from the remitter and a valid photo ID to the receiving location specified by the remitter.

Money cannot be picked up at a receiving location other than the one specified by the sender.

STEP 2 Procedure at the pick-up location

Your receiver goes to the pick-up location and presents a valid photo ID. On the reception form, fill out the required items such as the reference number and sender's name.

STEP 3 Pick-up is completed!

Receive money in cash (Philippine Peso)

You can track your remittance status on the "Money Transfer Statement" (BDO Unibank menu) of the "International Money Transfer App".

  • 1 An amount transferred through this service can be received only at the Payment Centers located in the Philippines during their business hours on their business day.
  • 2The amount transferred shall be received by the receiver in cash in PHP.
  • 3The amount to be received shall be the amount converted from the transferred amount in Japanese yen to PHP at the foreign exchange rate prescribed by the Bank prevailing at the time of the Bank’s acceptance of the request for money transfer.
  • *Even in cases where the Bank accepts a customer's money transfer request, it may not be possible to receive the relevant funds at all or one/some of the Payment Centers located in the Payout Country due to the transaction limitations/restrictions adopted/applied by the Bank's alliance partner or the relevant Payment Center, in which case, the Bank shall, to that extent, be released from its obligation to conduct the international money transfer in accordance with the terms and conditions confirmed by the customer upon the Bank's acceptance of the money transfer request.
  • *To receive the amount transferred, the receiver must present the reference number and other transaction details, and take other steps required by the Payment Center (including the presentation and provision of documents and information specified by the Payment Center).

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  • *Note: This service is not available from ATM or Online banking.