Seven Bank International Money Transfer Service

Seven Bank International Money Transfer ServiceInternational Money Transfer Service


Features of Service / Send charge(Cash pick-up at an agent location)(WESTERN UNION)(*3,*5)

Have you ever had any of these problems when you send money overseas?

  • ●You had to take a leave of absence from work and travel quite a distance to send money at the bank
  • ●It cost you additional charges apart from sending charges
  • ●It took too much time from sending to receiving money
  • ●It was a hassle to fill out forms each time you send money
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    You can send money anytime and anywhere you want!

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    Simple send charges

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    There are many payout locations to choose from! Money can be received in minutes!

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    Sending money is paperless!

1Transfer money anytime and anywhere you want!(*1,*11)

You can send money overseas anytime, using the Seven Bank International Money Transfer Service*2.
Using the Internet banking of Seven Bank, you can send money anytime from any place you like. Seven Bank has more than 27,000 ATMs installed nationwide, including Seven-Eleven convenience stores, commercial facilities, stations, and airports. Seven Bank ATMs are convenient if there are no banks nearby.

2Simple send charges(*10)

Send charges for the Seven Bank international money transfer service are reasonable and clear.*1

In principle, there will be no additional charges for withdrawal.*3

Different send charges will be charged for different amounts to be transferred. Please refer to the table below. Send charges with the funds transferred will be taken from your Seven Bank account when the money transfer is accepted.

(Cash pick-up at an agent location)

Transfer charge
Transfer Funds Send Charge
1 Yen – 10,000 Yen 990 Yen
10,001 Yen – 50,000 Yen 1,500 Yen
50,001 Yen – 100,000 Yen 2,000 Yen
100,001 Yen – 250,000 Yen 3,000 Yen
250,001 Yen – 500,000 Yen 5,000 Yen
500,001 Yen – 1,000,000 Yen 6,500 Yen
  • * Countries like Philippines and China have a threshold amount on money transfers. More information can be found HERE.
  • * For money transfer through a Seven Bank ATM, the ATM Service (Withdrawal) Fee will also be charged in addition to the Send Charge, depending on the time of day (such ATM Service (Withdrawal) Fee will be described as "ATM fee for off-hours use"on the ATM screen and on the transaction statement (receipt) issued at the time when money is sent in the International Money Transfer Service).
  • * The exchange rates that Seven Bank uses for currency conversion for the International Money Transfer Service include Seven Bank margins.
    Deposit into a bank account (Remittances to China and the Philippines) is HERE

3There are many payout locations to choose from! Money can be received in minutes!(*4,*23)

With "Cash Pick-up" of Seven Bank International Money Tranfer Service, money can be received in a few minutes after remittance.

With "Cash Pick-up" of Seven Bank International Money Transfer Service, there are a lot of receiving locations to choose from.

Money can be received at more than 510,000 receiving locations worldwide affiliated with Western Union, the world's largest money transfer business, in about 200 countries. In principle, the receiver willl not need to have a bank account to receive money.

For the list of major countries and receiving locations, please refer HERE.

4Sending money is paperless!

There is no need to fill out forms whenever you transfer funds.

* Preregistration is required when sending to a new receiver.