Seven Bank International Money Transfer Service

Seven Bank International Money Transfer ServiceInternational Money Transfer Service


How to Apply for a Money Transfer Service Agreement (WESTERN UNION)

Information necessary for application

  1. To use the Seven Bank money transfer service, you need to open a Seven Bank account and to apply for an international money transfer service agreement.(*13,*21)
  2. 【About "Deposit into Bank Account" to the Philippines】

    * If the "Deposit-into-bank accoun" is taken in the Philippines, only the account number is checked to ensure that it matches the Receiver's Bank account designated by the customer, and no steps are taken to ensure that the account holder matches the name of the receiver. As such, when taking the Credit-to-Account method in the Philippines, it is particularly important to ensure that the account number for the Receiver's Bank Account is accurate. Therefore, we encourage you to be extra careful when registering the receiver's information.

    * About money transfers to some banks: If the receiving bank account is a passbook account, the money will not be processed and refunded back to your account. If the receiving bank is an ATM account, money is available to be received. Please confirm HERE, the list of receiving banks.

    * Allied Banking Corporation (Allied Bank) was merged with The Philippine National Bank (PNB). For this reason, if your receiving bank is an old allied bank account, you must designate "Allied Bank" as your receiving bank instead of "PNB".
    For details, please confirm at your local branch or bank where you opened your account.

  3. 【About "Deposit into bank account" to China】

    * If "Deposit into bank account" is taken in China, the receiver's account number to be registered should start from the number "62", with a total length of 14 to 19 digits. Please be advised that the receiving account number should be the number indicated on the cash card and not the passbook number.

If you do not have a Seven Bank account, please apply for opening a bank account when you apply for an international money transfer service agreement. To apply for an international money transfer service agreement, you need the following information.

Information on the applicant(*15)
  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Nationality
  • Place of birth
  • Source of funds
Information on the receiver(*14,*16)
  • Name
  • Relationship with the sender
  • Currency
  • Frequency
  • Address
  • Country
  • Purpose
  • Expected amount per transaction

When depositing direct to a bank in China and the Philippines, information such as the receiver's bank name, receiver's bank account number and other details are required. (*6)