Seven Bank International Money Transfer Service

Seven Bank International Money Transfer ServiceInternational Money Transfer Service


About Western Union(*23)

Western Union

The Western Union Group is the world's largest international money transfer service provider. Based on 135 years or more of experience in money transfer operations, Western Union provides an international money transfer service at about 510,000 locations in 200 countries. The core business is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Core business The Western Union Company
Location of head office of core business Englewood, Colorado, USA
Number of money transfers between individuals 242 million
Transaction value of money transfers between individuals US$82 billion US dollars
  • The Seven Bank international money transfer service will be offered by Seven Bank and will not be a service that Western Union will provide on its own. Western Union will support Seven Bank as a business partner in withdrawal at receiving locations. Neither Western Union nor receiving locations will be a party to transactions.