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Information about charges for Seven Bank accounts is provided below.

  • Click here for information about charges when using a non-Seven Bank card.

Seven Bank ATM Service Fees

(Including consumption tax, etc.)

  • A separate transfer fee is required for money transfers.

  • Money transfers using the International Money Transfer Service require an additional transfer fee.

  • Click here for more information about service fees when using your Debit Card overseas.

Transfer Fees (Domestic Money Transfers using Seven Bank ATMs or the Direct Banking Service)

To Seven Bank

54 Yen

To Other Banks

216 Yen

(Including consumption tax, etc.)

  • A separate ATM service (withdrawal) fee may apply depending on the timing of the domestic money transfer using an ATM.

  • The reverse transfer fee is 648 Yen (including consumption tax, etc.). See "Precautions Regarding ATM Usage" for more details.

  • Money transfers using the International Money Transfer Service require an additional transfer fee.

Transfer Fees (International Money Transfer Service)

Amount transferred

Transfer fee

Cash Receipt Method

Credit-to- Account Method (Money transfer to China and Philippines)

1Yen – 10,000Yen



10,001Yen – 50,000Yen


50,001Yen – 100,000Yen


100,001Yen – 250,000Yen


250,001Yen – 500,000Yen


500,001Yen – 1,000,000Yen


  • *For money transfers through a Seven Bank ATM, ATM service fees may be charged in addition to transfer fees, depending on the hour.
  • *Foreign exchange rates used for currency conversion for the International Money Transfer Service include Seven Bank's margins.

Other Fees

Cash Card Issuance Fee

Cash Card (Account holder) Reissuing

1,080 Yen

Family Card Issuing/Reissuing

1,080 Yen

Change Cash Card Design

1,080 Yen

Statement of Account Fee

Postal mail*

108 Yen / month

Reissue and Extra Issue

216 Yen / Statement

Balance Certificate Issue Fee

Periodical Issue

324 Yen / certificate

Irregular Issue

540 Yen / certificate

Unique Shape Issue

2,160 Yen / certificate

ATM Transaction Statement Reissuance Fee

324 Yen / statement

Transfer Statement Issuance Fee

324 Yen / statement

International Money Transfer Statement Issuance Fee (for one yearly)

540 Yen / statement

Certificate Issuance Fees

1,080 Yen / certificate

(Including consumption tax, etc.)

  • *If you apply for the "Paper Statement Mailing Service," the Paper Statement Mailing Service Fee will be automatically debited from your account on the 2nd of each month. If the Paper Statement Mailing Service Fee cannot be debited from the customer's account, that month's statement will not be mailed.

For Customers Using a Non-Seven Bank Card

Non-Seven Bank cards can also be used at Seven Bank ATMs. See the link below for their service hours and fees.

Cards Usable with Seven Bank ATMs and Related Fees

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