Seven Bank International Money Transfer Service

Seven Bank International Money Transfer ServiceInternational Money Transfer Service


Apply the International Money Transfer Service (*11,*13,*14)


You can apply for Seven Bank International Money Transfer Service with ease and convenience by using any of the following methods that best suit your needs.

  • * Depending on the type of your application, a separate application by mail may be required.
  • * If you prefer the method "Deposit into bank account" to China and the Philippines, please prepare the following information beforehand (1)Beneficiary bank account (2)Bank account number (3)(For China only) Please prepare the telephone number of the receiver.
  • * If you prefer the method "Deposit into bank account" to China and the Philippines,.
    please amke sure to confirm the "List of Receiving Bank Account" before you apply.

To register online (*11)

Easiest!Highly Recommended!

We highly recommended this method for you if !

●You want to apply any time you want

●You always use computers
(If you plan to your smartphones to apply online, we recommend that you apply by directly making a phone call to our Customer Center since there will be quite a number of blank input fields to fill out)

1. For non-Seven Bank holders (who wants to apply for Seven Bank account with International Money Transfer Service)

2. For existing Seven Bank holders (who wants to add more beneficiaries or who wants to apply for a contract on International Money Transfer Service)

To register by making a phone call (in English)

Most Convenient!

We accept all kinds of applications related to International Money Transfer Service on the phone.
Applications such as opening of Seven Bank Account with International Money Transfer Service; Add additional beneficiaries or delete beneficiaries for existing Seven Bank holders; and other related inquiries you may have.

We highly recommended this method for you if !

●You feel you are not very good with smartphones (Example: there are so many blank input fields to be filled out)

●You want to apply after you heard about the service

●You have tried the online application but encountered some unclear parts.

International Money Transfer Service Customer Center (English)

10:00 - 20:00, Sunday-Friday, Except public holidays, and from 31 December - 3 January

To apply in person

Whether at branches or registration events, Seven Bank offers assistance for any international money transfer related applications:

We highly recommended this method for you if !

●Customers who are in close proximity to their company's locations and residential addresses

●Customers who have stores they frequently go to for shopping.

1. You can walk-in to any Seven Bank branches

2. You can go to one of our "Registration Day" events