Company Overview

Seven Bank's business

The Bank’s group comprises 13 companies, i.e., the Bank and its eight consolidated subsidiaries (FCTI, Inc., PT. ABADI TAMBAH MULIA INTERNASIONAL, Bank Business Factory Co., Ltd., Seven Payment Service, Ltd., Pito AxM Platform, Inc., Seven Global Remit, Ltd., ACSiON, Ltd., and Credd Finance, Ltd.) and four affiliates (Seven Pay Co., Ltd., TORANOTEC Ltd., TORANOTEC Asset Management Ltd., and Metaps Payment Inc.), operating in each business field in Japan and overseas. In Japan, in addition to the ATM platform business, which is its core business, the Bank’s group conducts the settlement and account business. Overseas, it develops ATM services in the United States and Indonesia.
The Bank and each of its group companies are structured via businesses as follows.

Seven Bank's business

ATM platform business


The Bank has installed ATMs in Seven-Eleven and Ito-Yokado stores belonging to companies of the Seven & i Group (the “Group”), as well as at airports, stations, and branches of financial institutions. By cooperating with numerous domestic financial institutions and using its convenient ATM network, which operates 24/365 in principle, Seven Bank operates business that provides ATM services to numerous customers.

Settlement and account business

The Bank provides ubiquitous and convenient account services such as ordinary and time deposits, personal loan services, international money transfer services, and debit services to customers who has an account in the Bank. Moreover, Bank Business Factory Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of the Bank, provides back-office support on commission for other financial institutions, drawing on knowledge obtained through its settlement and account business, in addition to those commissioned by the Bank.

Services for corporate customers

As a service for corporate customers, we provide the service of accepting cash proceeds from sales. They use a card designed for deposit only, which enables them to focus funds immediately on their head office accounts.

Overseas business

The United States

FCTI, Inc., a consolidated subsidiary of the Bank, provides ATM services, including the installation of ATMs at 7-Eleven stores in the United States.


PT. ABADI TAMBAH MULIA INTERNASIONAL, a consolidated subsidiary of the Bank in Indonesia, is engaged in local ATM services, while Pito AxM Platform, Inc. a consolidated subsidiary of the Bank in the Philippines, is currently preparing to commence operations.