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Loan Services (Card Loan)

Loan Service Features

Feature 1Complete everything online.Detail

To apply, simply fill in the required items.
The service agreement is also concluded online (Direct Banking Service).

  • * It may take more time for your application screening result, etc., depending on the time of your application.
  • Customers without Seven Bank account must receive their cash card first before using this service. Give yourself plenty of time when applying for an account, because it may take between 1 to 2 weeks.

  • Applications are screened for the Loan Service. Note that your Loan Service application may not be accepted depending on the screening result.

Seven Bank Account Holders
(Loan Service application)

If You Do Not Have a Seven Bank Account

Feature 2You can even use your Seven Bank account cash card for Loan Service!Detail


You can use your Seven Bank account cash card at any Seven Bank ATM to borrow or repay in our Loan Service. Enjoy the convenience of using only 1 cash card for not only Loan Service transactions, but for deposit transactions and domestic money transfers.

  • The Loan Service Agreement is required for this service.

Feature 3This service can be used anytime from a Seven Bank ATM or via the Direct Banking Service.Detail

You can borrow or repay anytime, regardless of the day or time, from any Seven Bank ATM or via the Direct Banking Service.
There are no fees for borrowing or repayment transactions.

  • Direct Banking Service is not available on the 3rd Sunday of each month from 23:30 until 5:30 on the next day.

Feature 4You can earn nanaco points with steady repayments.Detail

We support your planned monthly repayments.
For further details, click the banner.

Feature 5100,000, 300,000 or 500,000 Yen is available for the borrowing limit.Detail

Borrowing Limit 100,000 Yen 300,000 Yen 500,000 Yen

There are 3 types of borrowing limits that are available for new application: 100,000, 300,000 or 500,000 Yen.
You can also apply for an increase of the borrowing limit from your current limit (to 300,000 yen/500,000 yen).

  • We accept applications for an increase to 300,000 yen or 500,000 yen from customers with at least two months of transaction records from the initial borrowing.

  • The borrowing limit may be less than the requested amount based on the application screening result.

Feature 6You can repay the loan by paying 5,000 to 15,000 yen each month. You can repay anytime it is convenient for you.Detail

The amount of monthly repayment is fixed depending on the borrowing limit, enabling planned repayment.
Your repayment will be automatically withdrawn from your Seven Bank account (ordinary deposit).
Also, repayment is acceptable anytime, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can repay at any time you like.

Borrowing limit

Monthly repayment

100,000 yen

5,000 yen in principle

300,000 yen or 500,000 yen

10,000 yen in principle

700,000 yen or 1,000,000 yen

15,000 yen in principle

  • *As of the end of Sunday, March 18, 2018, we ceased accepting applications to increase the borrowing limit to 700,000 yen or 1,000,000 yen.

Feature 7If you do not have a Seven Bank account, you can also apply to open an account with Loan ServiceDetail


Normally it takes approximately 1 week to open a Seven Bank account with Loan Service.

  • Applications are screened for the Loan Service. Note that your Loan Service application may not be accepted depending on the screening result.

  • You can still open a Seven Bank account even if the screening result for the requested Loan Service application is not accepted.

Seven Bank Account Holders
(Loan Service application)

If You Do Not Have a Seven Bank Account

If you apply in advance...

It is convenient to be able to borrow money right away if you are in a pinch.Detail

For Unexpected Expenses
When you are worried because you need money, and you have to wait a little longer until payday...
You feel at ease even then, because you can borrow money anytime from any Seven Bank ATM located in Seven-Elevens throughout Japan.
For Unexpected Parties and Engagements
Today, you invited new staff to a party or dinner to welcome them,
and you tell them it is your treat. It is the day before payday, and your wallet is empty...
For Wedding Celebrations
There is a stretch of wedding celebrations for friends this month,
and you want to give them a wedding present and attend the reception.
You want to be sure you are dressed well and appropriately.
For Leisure and Travel
Sometimes it is important to take a nice trip with your family!
You cannot always use your credit card, so you need to have cash available!
This service is convenient for borrowing a little bit of cash.

For Unexpected Relocation

For Hobbies and Recreation

For Expenses on Outings and Dates

For Tuition

Convenient service for monthly loan payment

Monthly Auto-Deposit Service

Monthly Auto-deposit service is a free service that automatically deposits money to your Seven Bank account on a monthly basis. Money is automatically withdrawn from your other account at another financial institution/bank.
You can repay a loan conveniently, with no fees and no cumbersome procedures.

  • The application (new or additional limit) is screened by Seven Bank and the guarantee company Acom Co., Ltd.
    Note that your Loan Service application may not be accepted depending on the screening result.
  • Loan Service is only available to customers who meet all of the following conditions.
    • (1)Seven Bank account holders (Individual) (Including customers who have applied for an account with Loan Service)
    • (2)The customer is at least 20 years old and less than 70 years old at the time of the agreement.
    • (3)The customer who meets certain screening standards is eligible to receive a guarantee from the guarantee company (Acom Co., Ltd.) designated by Seven Bank.
    • (4)If the customer is a foreign national, having the status of permanent resident in Japan
      A foreign national's status of permanent resident in Japan can be confirmed only at a branch with stationed staff. Please click here for information on the locations of Seven Bank branches.
  • When your application screening results are available will vary depending on the screening time.
    Screening Time
  • The agreement term is 1 year (Until the last day of the month after 1 year from the agreement date). In addition, an automatic renewal is carried out based on the Loan Service Terms and Conditions (New borrowing is not possible on the 1st of the following month after a customer turns 71 years old).
  • If the guarantee company Acom Co., Ltd. repays the debt to Seven Bank instead of the customer due to circumstances in which repayment continues to be past due, Acom Co., Ltd. will become the customer's service counter for transactions thereafter.

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