Seven Bank's Purpose(Our reason for being)

Why does Seven Bank exist?

In April 2021, the 20th anniversary of our founding,
we have formulated our 'Purpose' (our reason for being).

Purpose Seven Bank's reason for being -
"Why do we exist?"

Create a better version of daily life
by going beyond the wishes of our customers.

Story Story is an expression of
our beliefs behind 'Purpose'.

Our customers' wishes are seeds that grow and become the future.

Seven Bank began in response to our customers
who wanted to see ATMs in 7-Eleven stores.
Customers' wishes came first,
that is our origin.

Times change,
and so do people's needs and wants. They also become diverse.
While holding true to our core philosophy,
we keep evolving to meet our customers' wishes.

As a unique bank that offers convenience, reliability and trust,
Seven Bank continues to launch new initiatives
that support people and society.
As a vital part of people's daily lives,
we remain inventive, striving to create
new lasting value beyond traditional financial services.

We strive to be closer to our customers,
to help them fulfill their wants and needs easily.
With the power of people and cutting-edge technology,
we challenge ourselves to move beyond the status quo.
We seek to create a better version of daily life for everyone.

That is our reason for being.

Slogan Slogan is a simple expression of
the essence of 'Purpose'.

Every day a better way