Basic CSR Policy, CSR Targets and Results

Seven Bank's Approach to CSR Activities

Seven Bank has been keenly aware of the importance of CSR, and has undertaken a variety of initiatives based on the belief that CSR activities are essential to the sustainability and development of our business.
The role that we are expected to play in responding to the diversifying social issues and social demands is changing.
In order to increase corporate value over the medium to long term, we will not only focus on our core businesses, but also work to enhance our services in light of our relationship with SDGs, while working to create value for both society and the company through our business (CSV:Creating Shared Value).

Changes in Seven Bank's CSR activities

offensive CSV + Defense CSR Sustainble growth

What is SDGs?

The United Nations Summit on Sustainable Development was held at the UN Headquarters in September 2015.
As the outcome document, "Transforming our world : the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" was unanimously adopted by 193 member countries and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted.
The SDGs comprises 17 goals and 169 targets, and is expected to be participated and contributed by companies in order to achieve these goals by 2030.

CSR policy

CSR Targets and Results

We define CSR as "The obligation to be proactively fulfilled as a company supported by customers and the society and coexisting with the environment and the society."

CSR activities shall be carried out in a sustainable and effectiveness manner based on our Corporate Principles, Management Ethos and Charter of Ethics, as well as on the content and scale of our business.

How do our business activities contribute to society's economic well-being?

Issues to be Addressed 【P】FY2019 Targets (Plans and Targets) 【D】FY2019 Results and Results 【C】Evaluation 【A】FY2020 Targets (Plans and Targets)

CSR via Our Core Business

Providing ATM services that can be used anytime, anywhere, and anyone with peace of mind

Provision of "easy, convenient, otokuna-osaihu-gawari Account Services"

To expand the number of ATMs installed

Further pursuit of convenience and safety of ATMs

Expansion of services such as International Money Transfer Services, Cash Receipt Servic, and Smartphone ATM services

Promotion of overseas ATM business

Integrating strengths with over 25,000 ATMs nationwide and the latest technologies

Creating new businesses and cultivating new markets

  • 25,152 units at the end of FY2018 → 25,215 units at the end of FY2019
  • Expand of partnerings with smartphone settlements providers (auPAY, PayPay, MelPay)
  • Improving lifestyle support using "International Money Transfer App"
    Number of municipalities that concluded agreements on multi-cultural symbiosis (13)
  • Expand of ATM receipt service (number of partnering agreements: 276 companies)
  • Established a preparatory firm (PitoAxMPlatform, Inc.) to promote the ATM business in the Philippines.
  • Conducted a demonstration test of opening a face-recognition account at a fourth-generation ATMs.
  • Established consolidated subsidiaries such as ACSiON, security business, Seven Global Remit, and Credd Finance, financial services for foreigners.

Further pursuit of convenience and safety of ATMs

To create new services utilizing the technologies of fourth - generation ATMs

Enhancing Convenience of Seven Bank Accounts

Creation of new businesses and the cultivation of new markets

Is Seven Bank sufficiently attentive to the natural environment, and does it make sufficient efforts to address environmental problems?

Issues to be Addressed 【P】FY2019 Targets (Plans and Targets) 【D】FY2019 Results and Results 【C】Evaluation 【A】FY2020 Targets (Plans and Targets)

Attaining an appropriate grasp of environmental burden

To continuously monitor and disclose greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 3) in the supply chain that we indirectly emit

  • Continuously assess and disclose Scope 3 for the entire Seven & iGroup (of which we are 3557 [t-CO2])

To continuously monitor and disclosure greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 3) in the supply chain that we indirectly emit

Energy efficiency improvements

Promoting paperless operations

  • Reduction of documents associated with the introduction of paperless meetings and the use of free addresses
  • Reduction of retained documents through review of document retention period

Continue to promote paperless operations

Stable operation of environmentally friendly ATMs

  • Started installing 4G ATMs, which reduced power consumption by about 40% for 3G ATMs with consideration for the environment.

Promoting the replacement and installation of power-saving fourth-generation ATMs

Continue to implement energy-saving measures in offices

  • Cool Biz was implemented from May 1st to October 31th, and air conditioning was set at 27℃.

Ongoing Office Energy-Saving Actions

Promoting a recycling-oriented society

3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) including offices

  • Rental furniture used in part of office furniture
  • Maintenance and repositioning of dismantled ATMs
  • Recycling of end-of-life ATMs (100%)

Promotion of 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) including offices

Raising environmental awareness among employees

To raise awareness of CSR trends, ESG, and SDGs

  • Held CSR Study Meetings for All Employees

Raising Awareness of SDGs

Aiming to further raise employee awareness of the environment, we implemented initiatives mainly during the June Environment Month.

  • As of the end of March 2020, 181 employees had acquired the Eco-Test.
  • Raising Awareness of GREEN CHALLENGE 2050 Group-wide Environmental Declaration
  • Exhibited at EcoPro 2019 as a member of the Seven & i Group

Implementing a variety of measures to raise environmental awareness among employees

Continue to actively participate in the Seven & i Group's environmental volunteer activities, local volunteer activities, etc.

  • Food donation to the food bank Second Harvest Japan through food drive activities
  • Contact lens vacancy case collection activities

Continue active participation in environmental volunteer activities

Enhancement of environmental volunteer activities through Seven Bank's voluntary program

  • Conducted environmental conservation activities at Takao Forest and Nature School, with 31 participates (including families)

What responsibility do we bear for our products and services toward our customers, and to what extent are these responsibilities fulfilled?

Issues to be Addressed 【P】FY2019 Targets (Plans and Targets) 【D】FY2019 Results and Results 【C】Evaluation 【A】FY2020 Targets (Plans and Targets)

Quality of products and services
Ensuring safety

Maintain and strengthen the BCP system through ongoing training to ensure implementation of BCP

  • Continuously implement BCP drills (initial response drills, etc.) to maintain and strengthen the system

Expanding the scope of BCP assumptions and strengthen strengthening the system

Products that can be used with peace of mind
Maintenance of services

Continue to promote ATM functions to meet diverse needs

  • Expand of services with non-financial institutions
    Expansion of partnerings with fund transfer businesses (auPAY, PayPay, MelPay, etc.)
  • Launch of fourth-generation ATMs
    Carried out demonstration tests of opening accounts using face recognition at ATMs

Promoting Financial Services to Meet Diverse Needs

To customer feedback
Sincere response (Structure)

Continue to implement initiatives to improve customer satisfaction

Build of a center that can use customer satisfaction, provide optimal information, make proposals, utilize marketing, and collaborate with group companies as the greatest place of contact with customers

Optimization of response channels

Improving Products and Services/Responding to New Services

  • Establishment of a system for responding to new services
    ・ Consideration of measures to cope with the drastic increase in the number of calls resulting from the launch of the new service
     ・ Customer opinions regarding fourth-generation ATMs are grasped and shared with related departments.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and optimize response channels by expanding the response range for ChatBot and improving AI accuracy

Continue to promote initiatives to improve customer satisfaction

Analyze and study improvements to make ATMs more comfortable

Preparing for a system and system that can respond to inquiries from multiple channels according to the times

Does Seven Bank maintain a safe and comfortable working environment and respect the human rights of its employees and the employees of its business partners?

Issues to be Addressed 【P】FY2019 Targets (Plans and Targets) 【D】FY2019 Results and Results 【C】Evaluation 【A】FY2020 Targets (Plans and Targets)

Supporting development of employee abilities

We will increase opportunities for personnel exchanges both inside and outside the company,help the next generation of leaders grow autonomously

  • Dispatch of business schools for mid-career employees
  • Management training (Coaching, 1on1 Meeting)
  • Domestic graduate school dispatch
  • Participation in leader training sponsored by Seven & i Holdings
  • External training for executive candidates, etc.

Increase opportunities for personnel exchanges both internally and externally to create a "disciplined workplace" in which the next generation of leaders can grow autonomously

Employee satisfaction

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

Creating an Environment and Awareness that Can Be Active Regardless of Nationality or Gender

Active use of systems to support work-life balance between childcare and nursing care, etc.

Activation of inner communication

To create opportunities for all employees to participate

Efforts to Improve Engagement

  • Continued operation of the short-time work and leave support system due to childcare, nursing care, etc.
  • Slide work started
  • Implementation of lifetime planning seminars
  • Implementation of measures to promote internal communication
    ・ Lunchtime seminars (to promote mutual understanding among employees)
    ・ Shuffle Ranch (interchange between departments)
  • Implementation of engagement surveys (employee awareness surveys)
  • Vitalization of the company through timely and appropriate recruitment
  • Promotion of in-house SNS utilization

Promoting diversity and inclusion

Creating an Environment and Awareness that Can Work regardless of Nation or Gender

Active use of systems to support balancing work with childcare, nursing care, etc.

To invigorate internal communication

To create opportunities for all employees to participate

Initiatives to Improve Engagement

Achieving a work-life balance

Appraising Diversity

Consideration of occupational safety and health

Promotion of ratio of paid leave taken by employees

Implementation of measures to reduce overtime in response to restrictions on overtime work

Implementation of stress checkups

  • Rate results of paid leave acquisition 82.7%
  • Encouragement period for retirement on time (twice a year)
  • Evolve in management of working hours and overtime hours through the new work management system
  • Implementation of stress checkups

Enhancement of rate of paid-holiday acquisition

Implementation of measures to reduce overtime work in response to restrictions on the upper limit of overtime work

Implementation of stress checkups

Does Seven Bank work closely with society as a good corporate citizen and actively undertake activities that contribute to society?

Issues to be Addressed 【P】FY2019 Targets (Plans and Targets) 【D】FY2019 Results and Results 【C】Evaluation 【A】FY2020 Targets (Plans and Targets)

Supporting young parents and the elderly

Promotion of reading and listening activities centered on sponsorship of the Bonolon picture book

Continuing to donate picture books

Strengthen cooperation with children's centers

  • Children's Museum, National Olympics Memorial Youth Center, and Pep Kids Koriyama Hold Bonolon Picture Book Reading Sessions by Employees
  • Continued donation of picture books to children's halls by issuing Bonolon cash cards
  • Donations to the "Communication Support Project for Everyone" by the Foundation for the Promotion of Healthy Development of Children

Continue to support the development of the next generation, centered on sponsorship of Guardian of the Forest Bonolon picture books

Assisting in local community revitalization

Encouraging employees to participate in community contribution activities

  • Number of uses of a leave for volunteer activities :13
  • Participate in Nationwide Cleanup Activities
  • Implemented an ATM workshop to promote awareness of ATM voice guidance services (in cooperation with the Japan Braille Library and the Kawasaki City Center for the Information and Culture of the Visually Disabled)

Promote employees' participate in community contribution activities

Do we maintain a policy that strongly opposes antisocial groups?

Issues to be Addressed 【P】FY2019 Targets (Plans and Targets) 【D】FY2019 Results and Results 【C】Evaluation 【A】FY2020 Targets (Plans and Targets)

Measures to Antisocial Groups

Continue to collect anti-social information and take measures to eliminate transactions through continued use of information

  • Appropriate elimination of transactions through continuous collection of anti-company information and utilization of information

Implemented system-based elimination of transactions based on continuous information gathered

Measures against Financial Crimes

Continue to implement effective measures to prevent financial crimes, and provide safe and secure payment environments to all customers.

Strengthen cooperation with investigative agencies, partners, etc. to prevent the spread of financial crimes.

  • Introduction of new systems and other measures to strengthen countermeasures against financial crimes, which are evolving and diversifying
  • Implemented initiatives to prevent financial crimes as a whole by strengthening cooperation with investigating agencies and business partners, etc.

Continue to implement effective measures to prevent financial crimes and provide safe and secure settlement environments to all customers

Endeavor to eradicate financial crimes by strengthening cooperation with investigation organizations and business partners, etc.

Planning and implementation of CSR activities

Plans for CSR activities to be undertaken (hereinafter referred to as "CSR activity plans") shall be formulated by the Executive Committee and CSR activities shall be promoted and implemented in accordance with the plans. In implementing these measures, consideration shall be given to enabling company-wide activities to be undertaken.
The status of CSR activities shall be publicized periodically or as needed through Integrated Report, Disclosure Report, websites, and other media.

Reporting, improvement, and review of CSR activities

Based on the Basic Policy for Internal Control, the Executive Committee shall appropriately implement the status of CSR activities.
A system for reporting to the Board of Directors shall be established, and reports shall be made annually or as necessary. In accordance with the report, the Executive Committee shall analyze the status of CSR initiatives and evaluate their effectiveness, examine the causes of any improvements, take appropriate remedial measures, and submit them to the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee shall verify and follow up on the improvements implemented and submit them to the Board of Directors or report them to the Board of Directors according to the contents. The Executive Committee shall verify the effectiveness of the process of developing the CSR control system every fiscal year or as needed, and submit the necessity and contents of the review to the Board of Directors.
The Board of Directors shall, on an annual basis or as the need arises, take into account the state of development of the system for CSR initiatives.
In addition to reviewing this policy, the effectiveness of the policy formulation process is also verified.

Establishment of CSR・Environment Committee

CSR・Environment Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "Committee") shall be established as an advisory body to the Executive Committee. In order to promote CSR activities throughout the Company, the Committee shall receive reports on the overall CSR plan and progress, discuss important matters related to its operations, and report to the Executive Committee.
The Committee shall consist of the Executive Officers and the general managers of all divisions (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Members"), and the Audit & Supervisory Board Member, the General Manager of the Internal Audit Division, the General Manager of the Audit & Supervisory Board Member's Office, and other persons designated by the Members shall also attend the Committee and may report or express their opinions.
The Committee shall be chaired by the executive in charge of the Planning Division and shall convene at least twice a year, in principle. In the event of an urgent need, the chairman shall convene the Committee temporarily.