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Point Service

E-Money nanaco (Japanese only)

This service allows you to earn nanaco points through transactions with your Seven Bank Account.

Transactions That Earn PointsClose

We will not award points for the following transactions with conducted in and after November 2018.

  • *The awarding of 10 points for the second and subsequent receipts of salary or bonus deposit will be discontinued. The initial receipt will continue to be eligible for the awarding of 500 points in and after November 2018.
  • *For transactions conducted by the end of October, points will be awarded on November 15.

Applicable Transactions




Summary period

Date of Reward

Receipt of "Salary" deposit (Including "Bonus")*1

Initial receipt
500 points

5 transactions per month

20,000 Yen or more per transaction

Every 1st~end of the month

Every 15th of the following month

After initial receipt
10 points per transaction

Receipt of Transferred Funds
Receipt of transferred funds such as for payment during auctions or remittance

10 points per transaction

5 transactions per month


Automatic Payment Service
Automatic payment for credit card bills or insurance fees, etc.*2

10 points per transaction



Domestic Money Transfer Payment
Domestic money transfer payments for Seven Bank or other banks*3

10 points per transaction



Online Payment Service
Payment for online shopping, etc.*4

10 points per transaction

5 transactions per month

Applicable transactions are limited to Omni7.

International Money Transfer Service
Transfer Transactions Using the International Money Transfer Service*5

10 points per transaction



Debit Service
Debit payment for JCB merchants*6

1 point per transaction

1 transactions per month


Debit Card Service Rewards Points
0.5%~1.5% of Debit Reward amount
- -

Every 16th of the previous month~15th of the month

  • *1Points are only awarded for deposits of 20,000 Yen or more for transactions marked "Salary" or "Bonus" that appear in your statement. If the deposit is not processed as a "Salary" or "Bonus," points will not be awarded, so confirm with your employer in advance.
  • *2Points shall be awarded according to the number of transactions debited using the Automatic Payment Service. Customers who use the "Automatic Payment Service" should confirm the List of Available Companies for the Automatic Payment Service (Japanese only). Note that the Automatic Payment Service is not available for utility bills, but is available for some bills (such as telephone bills). We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
  • *3Separate transfer fees apply for domestic money transfer payment.
  • *4Direct Bank Service offers simple and secure domestic money transfers for payment during online shopping. Point Service is limited to Omni7 transactions.
    About the Omni7 transactions, please check the omni7 website.Omni7
  • *5You must have a Seven Bank account and agree to the International Money Transfer Service Agreement in order to use the International Money Transfer Service.
  • *6nanaco points will not be awarded when making cash withdrawal transactions in local currency at overseas ATM or payments at some JCB merchants (i.e. Electronic money changes, all types of donations).
  • *7Maximum is 5 transactions per month if you earn points until May. 15, 2017.
  • *You must enroll in the "Point Service" by the end of the month for the corresponding transaction. If you enroll during the following month or thereafter, unfortunately you will not be eligible for the points offered in this service.
    However, enrollment in the Point Service is no longer required to the customers who have Cash Card with Debit Card (w/nanaco・w/o nanaco).
  • Be sure to confirm the "Point Service Terms and Conditions" before using this service.
    If you violated or if it is suspected that you are violating the "Point Service Terms and Conditions," you may be suspended from using this service or your registration may be canceled.
  • Seven Bank does not award points or revoke points based on customer requests. Awarding points, how many points are awarded and other point related decisions are determined solely by Seven Bank.
  • When we hold campaigns, or for other reasons, transactions not listed in this table may be eligible for the awarding of points or the number of points awarded may be different from that specified in the table.
    We may change or terminate the point service without advance notice at our discretion.
  • The Seven Card points do not apply to this service.

As of May 1, 2017

Earning Points - The Points Awarded During 1 Month are Received on the 15th of the Following Month -Close

We will send notification of the number of points you have earned to your registered email address.

  • *You can check through the nanaco site (Japanese only) or App Bankbook the reward points.
  • *From 6:00 a.m. on the 15th of the following month, you can receive the points earned, during the eligible period, when you check your balance or charge money to your card at the register of a 7-Eleven store or at a Seven Bank ATM.

Earning Points -The Points Awarded During 1 Month are Received on the 15th of the Following Month-

  • *Depending on the operation timing of JCB merchants, the points may be awarded during the eligible period of the following month.

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Signing Up for This ServiceClose

To sign up to use this Point Service, you must complete the following 3 steps.
Enrollment in the Point Service is no longer required to customers who have Cash Card with Debit Card (w/nanaco・w/o nanaco).

1 E-money "nanaco"

  • Customers who do not have E-money "nanaco," must sign up for this service.

E-Money nanaco (Japanese only)

2 Seven Bank Account
Customers who do not have a Seven Bank Account must open an account (free of charge).

3 Register for Direct Banking Service
Customers who are not resgistered to use Direct Banking must register for this service.

To register for the Point Service, complete the 3 steps above and logon to Direct Banking Service.

Login and Register for the Point Service

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