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Seven Bank’s Operating System

Seven Bank provides a unique financial service that is close, convenient, reliable, and safe. Our domestic network of 27,000 ATMs can be found at Seven & i Group stores Our domestic network of 27,000 ATMs can be found at Seven & i Group stores, including 7-Eleven, as well as shopping centers, tourist destinations, airports, and stations, to meet the diverse needs of our many customers. We make use of DX to provide unique financial services. For individual customers, we offer convenient account services that support their daily lives. For corporate customers, we offer secure and convenient services that take advantage of Seven Bank’s strengths, including ATMs. At the same time, we are leveraging our ATM operating know-how to expand ATM services in the United States, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

Seven Bank, Ltd.

Domestic business

ATM platform strategy

Retail strategy

Corporate strategy

Consolidated subsidiaries
Bank Business Factory Co., Ltd
Seven Payment Services, Ltd.
Seven Card Service Co., Ltd.
Overseas business

Global strategy

Consolidated subsidiaries
FCTI, Inc.
Pito AxM Platform, Inc

Unique Business Model

The ATM platform business is Seven Bank’s core business offering diverse services through more than 27,000 ATMs in 47 prefectures in Japan. In addition to cash deposits and withdrawals, the Seven Bank’s ATMs support a wide range of settlement needs that are diversifying in response to the rise of cashless settlements. The latest ATMs are equipped with facial recognition and other various functions, allowing financial and administrative procedures as well. We are working to create new value of ATMs serving as a key social infrastructure to support customers’ lives.

Business Model for ATM Services (example of main partner financial institution and operating company)

Coexistence and co-prosperity partners

Our core business is to provide customers and affiliated financial institutions with convenient and benefits through Seven Bank ATMs.
We will strive to form partnerships with all financial institutions so that customers can use any of their cards.

Banks 123
Shinkin banks 252
Credit cooperatives 124
Labor banks 13
JA Bank 1 category
JF Marine Bank 1 category
Shoko Chukin Bank 1
Securities companies 8
Life insurance companies 4
Other financial institutions 113
Over 640

※JA Bank and JF Marine Bank are each counted as 1 institution.

Enhancing the Corporate Value

Seven Bank’s Competitive Advantage

Since its founding in 2001, Seven Bank has positioned the ATM services as a pillar of its operations and worked to expand its ATM network and achieve multifunctional ATMs. We have never loosened the reins while the economic environment and social conditions have been changing greatly but have pursued ATM services that are useful for customers. This persistent efforts have led to the realization of our ATM network, which has the second largest scale in Japan on a unit basis. We are proud that such persistent efforts support the convenience and overwhelmingly competitive advantage of our ATM network.

ATM services that constantly evolve

ATM as social infrastructure
We have ATMs at Seven & i Group stores, including 7-Eleven, as well as airports, stations, commercial facilities, and tourist locations. At the present, more than 27,000 Seven Bank ATMs operate in all the prefectures in Japan 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in principle.
ATM as service platform
With the increasing prevalence of cashless payment, the development of services that offer values in addition to cash deposits and withdrawals is under way. Seven Bank will offer various solutions sought by customers and businesses by providing its highly functional ATMs as service channels and combining them with highly specialized services owned by its Group companies.
ATM that facilitates DX
Leveraging our nationwide ATM network, we are expanding initiatives to improve both the convenience of customers and operating efficiency of businesses through collaboration especially with startup companies and administrative agencies. Utilization of Seven Bank’s ATMs, which enable personal authentication with ease and safety, will help to increase customer satisfaction and reduce administrative costs incurred by financial institutions.
ATM that contributes to
solving social issues
Seven Bank is promoting various initiatives through its ATMs in an effort to realize a sustainable society. We have been realizing our customers’ wishes to see such ATM services as a top-up service for regional digital currencies to facilitate regional revitalization, ATM fund-raising service to enable easy fund-raising through ATMs, a multilingual service to provide convenience for tourists from overseas and non-Japanese residents, and deployment of mobile ATMs to areas afflicted with disasters or other crisis.

Drivers of further growth

Financial business by one of
the largest retail groups in the world
Roughly 22.2 million customers visit Seven & i Group stores in Japan every day (fiscal year ended February 28, 2023). We utilize this Group’s customer base to develop and provide unique financial products and services for the convenience of our customers. Toward demonstrating further group synergies, we offer new services that integrate retail and finance to create new values that connect us with our customers in their daily lives.
Knowledge and know-how
for AI and data utilization
Seven Bank has worked on the utilization of AI and data from early on and has already utilized the technologies to improve its operating efficiency, such as sophisticating cash management procedures on the ATMs, automatically arranging inquiries sent to the Call Centers, and determining the installation of ATMs in Indonesia. We established the Data Management Office (DMO) and will pursue initiatives such as strengthening the building of awareness inside the Bank and engaging in data business, which is expected to provide a revenue opportunity.
Top-class corporate services
in the industry
The environment surrounding the financial industry is changing dramatically. We provide high quality corporate services to respond to the various needs of financial institutions and administrative agencies by combining advanced DX with our expertise and know-how we have cultivated to date such as banking back-office support and systems, authentication and security, and cash settlement functions.
Active participation of diverse
human resources
More than 80% of employees at Seven Bank are mid-career employees with highly diverse backgrounds including finance, IT, and retail. We are seeking broad-minded communication through various opportunities to leverage experiences, skills, and networks of such employees with diverse backgrounds and help them to contribute to the implementation of the Seven Bank Group’s Purpose.
World-class ATM operation
Toward realization of the non-stop ATM, collaboration with partner companies with highly specialized skills is required in developing main ATM units, establishing system building, responding to ATM outages, and providing security for machines and guarded transport. ATM Call Centers monitor our ATMs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In the event of any problems, we quickly respond to ATM outages. As a result, our ATMs are able to achieve a 99.98% operating rate.
Foster a mindset geared to innovation
Aiming to establish a corporate culture of open innovation particularly through the promotion of coordination with outside companies and cross-organizational projects, we have established a dedicated department to work on both the building of awareness within the Bank and creation of new business opportunities. In particular, we are focusing on coordination with startup companies to have an opportunity for exploring new business fields.

ATMs installed nationwide

ATM Features (Japanese text only)

Value Creation Process

In order for Seven Bank to achieve sustainable growth, it is essential to enhance both social and economic value by leveraging Aiming to fulfill our Purpose, we work to promote initiatives that lead the second stage of growth as well as to leveraging our strengths and solving social issues through our core business. strengthen our management foundation to support long-term growth, for further enhancement of our corporate value.

Growth Strategy

Summary of Medium-Term Management Plan (FY2021–FY2025) and Future Development

In our Medium-Term Management Plan, which we launched in fiscal 2021, we position the five years through fiscal 2025 as the period for giving shape to our second phase of growth. As a unique bank that succeeds in being close-by, convenient, reliable, and secure, we will continue taking on the challenge of new initiatives that provide support for people and society, with a focus on the three pillars of growth strategy, contribution to solving social issues, and corporate transformation.

Overview of Plan
Positioning of Medium-Term Management Plan Period

Initiatives for New Value Creation in FY2023

Evolution to ATM as a service platform

Multifunctional, high-quality fourth-generation ATMs, which the Company began introducing in 2019, can satisfy a wide variety of customer needs beyond cash deposits and withdrawals. In principle, ATMs operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, enabling customers to perform necessary procedures at their convenience. We are working to create new value for ATMs by providing customers with “a nearby, easy, convenient, safe, and secure bank counter” and businesses with “a platform that supports enhanced customer contact points and DX strategies (streamlining).”

Leveraging group synergies to upgrade retail business

On July 1, 2023, we welcomed Seven Card Service to the Seven Bank Group. This will enable a lineup of multiple means of settlement, operation, and procurement required by individual customers through an integrated promotion system, enabling easy, seamless, and prompt response to customers’ wide-ranging needs. And the Seven & i Group’s strength is that it has customers spanning a broad range of business categories, from convenience stores to specialty stores and supermarkets. While fully leveraging 7iD—the customer base of one of Japan’s largest retail distribution groups—we will provide financial services that meet our customers’ diversified needs easily, seamlessly, and promptly.

Seven Bank in terms of numbers

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