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If there was an ATM at Seven-Eleven,
it would be more convenient …

Seven Bank is a company that was born of such customer feedback.
By shaping customer needs, we have been able to continue to grow.
Currently, due to the spread of smartphones, diversifi cation of payment methods, changes in lifestyles and other factors, our business environment is undergoing radical change. It is hard to predict what kind of future awaits us in some years or some decades.
We aim to respond flexibly to such changes in society and diversifying customer needs by continuing to change with the times.
We will continue to provide new kinds of convenience that society requires, for use by anyone, with safety and security.

Together with the times
Together with you

Introduction and Strengths of Seven Bank

Seven Bank’s Operating System


Unique Business Model

A Unique Business Model Founded on Coexistence
and Co-Prosperity

Seven Bank provides ATM services that can be accessed “anytime, anywhere, by anyone, and with safety and security” throughout Japan. Our services also benefit our partner financial institutions, etc., in various ways in terms of cost and
enhanced services.
Seven Bank and its partner financial institutions, etc., have built a unique business model founded on coexistence
and co-prosperity.

  • Revenue structure differs from that of conventional banks:
    Consists mainly of fees from partner financial institutions, etc.
  • Coexistence and co-prosperity partners:
    • Partner financial institutions, etc.
    • Contractors supporting the business of Seven Bank
  • Number of partner financial institutions, etc.: 600 (As of March 31, 2018)

Superiority in Our Business Environment

  • Contact with customers:
    We have contact points with customers via a platform of more than 25,000 ATMs nationwide.
  • Group strength, including the capability to attract customers and
    the store network of the Seven & i Group:
    Group stores have approximately 23 million customer visits per day.

Business Model for Our ATM Services (in a partnership with a bank)


Coexistence and co-prosperity partners

Our core business is to provide customers and affiliated financial institutions with convenient and benefits through Seven Bank ATMs.
We will strive to form partnerships with all financial institutions so that customers can use any of their cards.

Superiority in Our Business Environment

  • Banks 124
    Shinkin banks 258
    Credit cooperatives 127
    Labor banks 13
    JA Bank 1 category
    JF Marine Bank 1 category
    Shoko Chukin Bank 1
    Securities companies 11
    Life insurance companies 8
    Other financial institutions 56
  • Over 600
  • ※JA Bank and JF Marine Bank are each counted as 1 institution.

ATMs installed nationwide

ATMs nationwide 24,392 (as of March 31, 2018)

Enhancing the Corporate Value

—Challenging Limitless Possibilities—
Value Co-Creation

Seven Bank’s key value is to fulfill the expectations and gain the trust of society through a sincere and honest commitment to helping solve societal issues and co-create value.
We aim to create a better society and increase our corporate value.


Pursuit of convenience for local communities nationwide Our aim is to offer familiar and convenient services that have never been seen before, by leveraging our strengths as a comprehensive retail group with diversified business unparalleled anywhere else in the world. We will offer new conveniences needed by society that clearly highlight the Seven & i brand.

Seven Bank in terms of numbers

As of March 31, 2018

Number of ATM transactions
per Fiscal Year


Number of ATM transactions per Fiscal Year


The operational rate
of our ATMs


Characteristics of ATM

Material that Seven Bank can understand

Contribution to solving social issues