Materiality 5

Realization of multicultural symbiosis

Contributions to SDGs
  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Reduced inequalities
  • Sustainable cities and communities

By working on this Materiality, Seven Bank will contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 8, 10 and 11 through the provision of support for foreigners in their activities and their daily life in Japan.

Changes in the society and associated issues as seen by Seven Bank

The society and the economy are being increasingly globalized and the number of foreigners visiting and living in Japan is increasing every passing year. Seven Bank believes that it is necessary for people of different nationalities and races recognize each other’s culture and live together by building relationships based on an equal footing.

Changes in Seven Bank and its approach to the issue

Seven Bank will comprehensively support foreigners to have fulfilling daily lives in Japan through the offering of a convenient and comfortable activity platform including financial services in an approach in which organizations from various positions such as administration, businesses, NPOs, foundations and volunteer groups aim to solve social issues by overcoming the boundaries of organizations and pooling their respective strengths (collective impact).

International Money Transfer Services

International money transfer using a Seven Bank account

Seven Bank’s international money transfer services allow funds to be sent overseas quickly from more than 27,000 Seven Bank ATMs across Japan, as well as by personal computer and smartphone. The ATM transaction screen and Contact Center services are available in ten languages, allowing non-Japanese customers who are uncomfortable speaking Japanese to use the services with peace of mind.

International Money Transfer Service Flow

“International Money Transfer App”—loaded with handy features for international money transfers

To enhance the convenience of our international money transfer services, we offer the “International Money Transfer App,” which provides transfer rate information, video guidance on transfer procedures and a search function for available recipient locations worldwide. Also, this app can be accessed in nine languages—Japanese, English, Tagalog, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Thai.

Merits of the “International Money Transfer App”
  • 1. Can check transfer rates quickly
  • 2. Can add or delete a recipient using only theapp
  • 3. Can check notices from Seven Bank and regional information anytime

Financial Services for Foreign Residents

Seven Bank offers comprehensive financial services targeting foreign residents in Japan through a broad lineup of financial products and services to make their lives in Japan convenient and comfortable.

Insurance Products

With the addition of VIVA VIDA MEDICAL LIFE Co., Ltd. (hereinafter VML), a provider of insurance products designed for foreign residents, to its subsidiaries in November 2022, the Seven Bank Group began offering insurance products. Foreign nationals living in Japan have been facing high barriers to taking out insurance policies in Japan, such as high premium costs and complicated procedures involved. By delivering adequate compensation based on reasonably priced insurance policies, VML spreads a safety net for foreign nationals and contributes to making their lives more secure.

Handling Many Languages

Non-Japanese residents with accounts

In order to help non-Japanese residents with Seven Bank account to use Seven Bank ATMs with peace of mind, ATM operation screens for deposit and withdrawal on Seven Bank account, as well as international money transfer service are available in nine languages (Japanese, English, Tagalog, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Thai).
In the event something is unclear with regards to a Seven Bank account, support is provided by multilingual staff at Contact Center. 10 languages are available, with Burmese added to the above nine language. Support services are provided, including inquiries on a Seven Bank account.

Tourists from overseas

We have heard from many persons who have come to Japan for tourism and other reasons that it is diffi cult to obtain Japanese yen after entering the country. We provide a service at all Seven Bank ATMs which makes it possible to withdraw Japanese yen using cash cards and credit cards issued overseas.

Our ATMs can be used in 12 languages (Japanese, English, Chinese [simplifi ed], Chinese [traditional], Korean, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, French, German, and Portuguese). Seven Bank helps to make it possible for people from around the world to have an enjoyable time in Japan.