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Guide to Using the Direct Banking Service

The Direct Banking Service provides a variety of services, such as transactions (balance inquiry and domestic money transfer) or Customer Services via your PC and smartphone.
After selecting a service from the menu below to learn about its content, the usage instructions can be confirmed from the slide.

The Direct Banking Service is available for Seven Bank account holders.

  • 1. Before Using the Direct Banking Service
  • 2. Ways to Use the Direct Banking Service
  • 3. Online Passbook
  • 4. Domestic Money Transfers
  • 5. Time Deposits
  • 6. Loan Services(Card Loan)
  • 7. International Money Transfers
  • 8. Customer Service

1. Before Using the Direct Banking Service

  • 1-1. Register for Direct Banking Service
    Use your cash card as a reference to enter the required items A, B and C.
    Enter the characters in the image outlined in red.
    After Completing the Entry Above, Click Here
    Register for Direct Banking Service is required when using the Direct Banking Service for the first time.
  • 1-2. Logon Settings
    First, let's configure the settings for logging onto (using) Direct Banking.
    After Completing the Settings Above, Click Here
    When setting your logon ID, logon password and cash card PIN, avoid using alphanumeric characters that can be easily guessed by others, such as your name, date of birth (combinations of Western calendar year/Japanese calendar year, month and day), your registered telephone number, the same numeric characters repeated, or your vehicle license plate number.
  • 1-3. Set Transfer Limit
    Lastly, you configure the set up before using the service.
The transfer limit can be set to a maximum of 1 million Yen per day.
    ・ You must login separately to set the ATM transfer limit.・ You may need to confirm receipt at your email address before setting the transfer limit.
    You are now ready to use the Direct Banking Service. Next, let's look at the Ways to Use the Direct Banking Service.
  • 2-1. Logon
    You must start from the logon page each time you use Direct Banking.
    Enter the registered Logon ID and Logon Password to Logon.
    After Completing the Settings Above, Click Here
    A.Follow the procedure from this page if you forgot your logon ID or password. If you have not set (or changed) the logon ID by yourself, please enter your customer ID in the Logon ID field.
  • 2-2. Direct Banking Top (1)
    B.You can change the page background or select your favorite image.
    C.At the top page, you can confirm an Important Notice or Notification from Seven Bank.
  • 2-3. Direct Banking Top (2)
    At the top page, you can also confirm the Balance and Statement or the Plan and History of Money Transfer and International Money Transfer. You can confirm information that you frequently access on the top page.
  • 2-4. Direct Banking Top (3)
    D.You can confirm and access the following from Help/Questions and Answers・ Contact Us (Contact us via Direct Banking)・ User's Guide (You can confirm and access the user's guide here)
    E.If you register an event or schedule, a notification email is sent to you on the same day. The (img) mark is also displayed.
    F.You can request various brochures or submit application.
    Other useful information is posted in the column, etc.
  • 2-5. Direct Banking Top (4)
    G.To exit, click on Log Off (Exit) button.
    Log Off Screen
    Next, let's look at the Online Passbook.
  • 3-1. Online Passbook
    In the Online Passbook, you can confirm past transactions of your Ordinary Deposit and Time Deposit statement.
    A.You can print out and manage your accounts using paper statements.
    B.You can also confirm your statements each month.
    It is useful as an alternative to a paper based passbook.
  • 3-2. Past Transactions of Your Ordinary Deposit
    You can also confirm the details for domestic money transfers via the Direct Banking Service.
  • 4-1. Top of Domestic Money Transfer
    Domestic money transfers can be easily carried out via the Direct Banking Service. The automatic domestic money transfer is also useful for scheduling and carrying out domestic money transfers any time, such as for monthly payments like rent.
    There is a domestic money transfer fee.
    You can also quickly check the available amount for domestic money transfers.
  • 4-2. List of Registered Receivers
    If you register the receiver when performing a new domestic money transfer, your next transfer will be easier.
    Memo fields can be registered freely when making a domestic money transfer. This function is useful when confirming what the domestic money transfer is for.
  • 4-3. Transfer History Details
    You can cancel or change the upcoming transaction in A, and you can make the transfer again from the transfer history B.
    You can always confirm the "transfer later" details or planned automatic domestic money transfer from the transfer history log.
  • 5-1. Procedure for Placing a Time Deposit (1)
    Start from Here to Place a Time Deposit
    You can place a Time Deposit any time using Direct Banking Service.
  • 5-2. Procedure for Placing a Time Deposit (2)
    Step 1: Enter Deposit Amount
    Step 2: Confirm the Applicable Interest Rate and Select the Desired Term. The maturity date can also be designated.
    Step 3: Select the Maturity Instructions
    It is useful to write memos when placing a Time Deposit for purchase installments for your own home.
  • 5-3. Top of Time Deposit
    You can refer to the list of Time Deposits that you placed to confirm them.
    You can change the maturity instructions any time.
  • 5-4. Cancellation of Time Deposit
    You can also use the Direct Banking Service to cancel the Time Deposit. Partial cancellations in units of 10,000 Yen are accepted, which is also convenient when you need money urgently.
    Next, let's look at Loan Service.
  • 6-1. Loan Service: Application Procedure (1)
    Start from Here
    ・ Consent on Handling of Personal Information for Loan Service・ Loan Service Terms and Conditions・ Terms and Conditions Contract on Arrangement of Loan Service Guarantee
    Step 1: Confirm the Details of Loan Service and Agree to Various Terms and Conditions
    You can only apply (new or additional limit) for our Loan Service of Seven Bank card loans using the Direct Banking Service.
    See Details of Loan Service
  • 6-2. Loan Service: Application Procedure (2)
    Step 2: Enter Personal Information
    The application procedure is complete, as described above. We will notify you of the screening results and the completion of the agreement procedure by email.
  • 6-3. Loan Service: Borrowing and Repayment
    You can also use Direct Banking Service to borrow money or make optional repayments.
    Enter and Confirm the Borrowing Amount to Complete
    Optional Repayments
    Select and Confirm the Ways for Repayment to Complete
  • 6-4. Loan Service: Transaction Statement
    You can also confirm the transaction statement.
    Next, Let's look at the International Money Transfer.
  • 7-1. International Money Transfers: Application Procedure (1)
    Confirm the agreement and enter your personal information.
    You can also use the Direct Banking Service to apply for the International Money Transfer Service.
  • 7-2. International Money Transfers: Application Procedure (2)
    Register the receiver's details when applying.
    Seven Bank will send confirmation documents after your application is completed. Follow the prescribed procedure.
    See International Money Transfer Service Details
  • 7-3. International Money Transfers: Transaction
    Confirm the Agreement and Enter the International Money Transfer Purpose and Amount
    After concluding the agreement and registering a receiver, you can use the Direct Banking Service to transfer money.
  • 7-4. International Money Transfers: Transfer details
    After carrying out the international money transfer, you can confirm the transfer details.
  • 8-1. Customer Service
    You can use the Direct Banking Service to perform a variety of Customer Services.
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