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Terms of Use

This website www.sevenbank.co.jp (hereafter referred to as "this website") is managed by Seven Bank, Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "Seven Bank"). Before using this website, carefully read the following usage notes. Note that Seven Bank may change the usage conditions for this website without prior notice. Therefore, confirm the latest usage conditions.

The images of Direct Banking Service on this website are provided to complement our explanation. Please note that they can be different from the current pages.

As a general rule, the information posted in Japanese on this website shall be considered accurate and correct. Displays or other directions may be available in Japanese and in languages other than Japanese for customer convenience and support, but such displays or directions are limited. In addition, if there is any inconsistency in meaning or content between the Japanese version and other languages, the Japanese version shall take precedent.

The information posted on this website is provided as information related to Seven Bank and is not used for soliciting investment. Any investment related decision shall be made by the user on his or her own accord.

Items Related to the Future Outlook

The information posted on this website may include items such as projections on future business performance. These types of items include a certain risk and uncertainty and are not necessarily consistent with the actual results due to the economic climate or changing market trends, etc.

Insider Trading Regulations

This website posts a wide variety of information including news releases for news or media organizations, etc., with the purpose of disclosing fair and timely information intended for our customers, shareholders and investors. This information may include items that correspond to the "Material Facts" established in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.


As a general rule, the copyright for all content (information, trademarks, designs, etc.) posted on this website is owned by Seven Bank. Therefore, it is prohibited to use, reproduce or modify said content without permission.

Privacy Policy

Seven Bank handles all customer related information on this website in accordance with our "Privacy Policy" and strives to maintain its accuracy and confidentiality.


Seven Bank continues to implement measures for strengthening security in accordance with "Security Measures for Direct Banking Service" in order to prevent problems such as unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification or the leaking of customer related information.

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Cookies may be used to ensure security, to prevent unauthorized access and to improve user-friendliness for customers who access this website or the Direct Banking Service. In addition, cookies may be used for determining the access status from the customer's browser and for distributing ads based on the usage of the Seven Bank website.
Based on the cookies acquired in this situation, the support service of a marketing company or the logistical tools inside Seven Bank are sometimes used to analyze the access status. The analysis results of the access status are used and helpful for improving this website.
However, rest assured that no personal information for the customer (information such as your name, date of birth, telephone number, email address, address or account number) is included in the cookies that are set for this website.
In addition, the cookies that are used in Seven Bank's Direct Banking Service are called temporary cookies, and they are used only during service transactions. As a result, the protection and the security for the customer privacy is set to an extremely high level in order to ensure safety and security.
Note that the cookies set in the browser security settings can be disabled, but some functions for this website and for the Direct Banking Service may work incorrectly or the website may display incorrectly.
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Seven Bank shall not be responsible for any problems, loss or damage incurred from using this website or the information posted on this website. Seven Bank shall not be responsible for any problems, loss or damage incurred due to the management of this website being interrupted or discontinued, or due to any changes in the information.