Open a Seven Bank Account

[Application Services]
  • An application to open an account may be made online or by mail.
    You may not be able to make an application in the way you desire, depending on the type of your identity verification document or the information entered in your application.
    You need to follow the application procedure via the website even if you choose to open an account by mail.
    Please note that we do not accept application forms sent by mail to our Contact Center or any other address other than the one we designate.
    For details, please check Precautions When Making an Application.
  • You can also apply for our Cash Card with Debit Service, along with Internationall Money Transfer Service at the same time!
    • You need a Seven Bank account to apply for the Loan Service.
  • We request our customers to follow a special procedure if they fall within the category of current or former foreign PEPs or family members thereof. For details, see here.Open in new windows

The unauthorized use or assignment of an account is prohibited by law.

An account cannot be opened under fictitious names or in the names of other parties. In addition, selling/buying or assignment of the account or letting other people use a cash card is prohibited by law, etc. If it is discovered that an account was opened based on counterfeit or altered identity verification documents, or that the opened account is used for a bank transfer scam or other criminal activities, Seven Bank will take the necessary steps, such as suspending or terminating the account in question, and report the matter to the government ministries and agencies in accordance with the laws and ordinances.

Buying or selling , or assignment, of bank accounts is a crime. Never engage in such conduct.

If you do, you will be sentenced to imprisonment or a fine under penal law, and you might never be able to use Japanese banks including Seven Bank in the future.