Message from the President

We will continue to change with the times and our custmers.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our shareholders for their continued support.
"If there was an ATM at Seven-Eleven, it would be more convenient..." Since its opening in 2001, Seven Bank has worked to build a safe and efficient payment infrastructure by providing ATM services that can be used "anytime, anywhere, anyone, and with safety and security."
Thanks to these efforts, as of the end of September 2018, the number of ATMs installed in Japan was 24,756, making it one of the social infrastructures that need to be used by approximately 2.2 million customers a day.
Seven Bank places great emphasis on its sense of values. Through our businesses we aim to "meet the expectations and gain the trust of society" by working "sincerely" and "honestly" to "contribute to the resolution of social issues" and "create value."
While striving to create a better society, we also aim to enhance our corporate value.

Building a Foundation for Long-Term Growth

In May 2017, Seven Bank formulated its Medium-Term Management Plan based on the basic policy of achieving growth in our main business as we diversify our operations.
In order to achieve sustainable growth, we have positioned the Medium-Term Management Plan as a period for creating a foundation for long-term growth and are promoting our service.
In the ATM platform business, we have positioned our ATM infrastructure as a platform and are implementing measures to attract more customers.
In the first half of the fiscal year under review, we worked to expand our unique ATM services, such as providing smartphone ATM services that allow customers to trade cash and cash equivalents solely through smartphones, forming partnerings with service companies that have newly entered the payment and settlement field, and enabling customers to charge (deposit) for "Prepaid Transportation Cards" and "Rakuten Edy".
In the Settlement Account Business, in addition to improving the convenience and profitability of existing services, we are developing new digital payment application based on smartphones.
We intend to develop and provide new financial products and services that are unique to the Seven & i Group and that are convenient and accessible by collaborating with the Smartphone apps of Seven & i Group companies, increasing points of contact with customers, and uncovering new needs.
In overseas businesses, FCTI, a consolidated subsidiary in North America, completed the installation of ATMs at 7-Eleven stores in the United States.
However, due to the unfavorable progress of the business plan because of the drastic changes in the business environment originally envisioned, Seven Bank revised its business plan. We have decided to record an extraordinary losses on goodwill and other items that occurred when Seven Bank acquired shares of FCTI.
In the future, we will make use of the approximately 8,000 ATM networks installed at 7-Eleven stores in the U.S. to improve the number of transactions and further improve the efficiency of operation in order to achieve early profitability.
As a result of these initiatives, consolidated results for the first half of fiscal 2018 amounted to \73.4 billion in ordinary profit and \20.7 billion in ordinary income.

In response to the support of our shareholders

In consideration that the extraordinary loss is extraordinary and non-cash expenses and in consideration of the financial results, fund position and financial soundness, the dividend for the first half of the fiscal year was \5 per share, as planned at the beginning of the fiscal year.
We will continue to meet the expectations of our shareholders by implementing growth strategies based on our Medium-Term Management Plan and steadily increasing dividends along with steady growth into the future, based on our policy of simultaneously resolving social issues and achieving corporate growth.
We look forward to your continued support and encouragement.

the President and Representative Director
Yasuaki Funatake

舟竹 泰昭