Dividends and Shareholders Returns Policy

Seven Bank considers returning profits to shareholders to be one of its most important management priorities. From the perspective of returning profits to shareholders, Seven Bank's basic policy is to strive to achieve continuous and stable dividends with cash, while taking into account the balance between retained earnings and internal reserves. Our basic dividend policy is to maintain a dividend payout ratio of at least 40% annually, and to pay dividends twice a year (interim and year-end dividends).

In accordance with Article 459 of the Companies Act, the Company's Articles of Incorporation provide that dividends of surplus may be paid by resolution of the Board of Directors.

Dividend status※1

  • ※1 On December 1, 2011, we adopted a 1:1000 stock split and a 100-share unit system. The above table retrospectively applies this stock split.
  • ※2 The year-end dividend of \3.6 for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2012 includes a commemorative dividend of \1.0 to commemorate the Company's listing on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.