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In recent years various economic, social, and environmental issues, such as growing economic inequality, accelerated aging of the population amid low birthrates, and the frequent occurrence of abnormal weather due to climate change, have become increasingly complex, significantly influencing the business environment.

Within this context, Seven Bank Group aims to provide social infrastructure capable of meeting broad-ranging needs beyond the framework of financial services. By solving increasingly diverse social issues and creating new value, we are undertaking various initiatives that will impact future generations.

In April 2021, the 20th anniversary of our founding, Seven Bank Group implemented two significant changes. The first was the formulation of our purpose (reason for being). With our Management Ethos and Corporate Principles as our foundation, we determined why Seven Bank exists and what our most important values are, empowering all employees to take on the challenge of creating new social value with a shared sense of meaning.

The second change we made is to move away from conventional approaches to CSR. In our medium-term managementplan, we have positioned contribution to solving social issues as one of the three pillars of our growth strategy and have made sustainability the bedrock of our long-term management strategy. The former CSR/Environment Committee has been reborn as the Sustainability Committee. The Basic Sustainability Promotion Policy has been completely revamped and we have built a better functioning structure. As a result, we are able to move extremely meaning projects forward.

In January 2023, we revised our Charter of Ethics, which had been absolute and all-encompassing from the time of our founding. It has been reborn as a Code of Conduct which now serves as a guide for the actions of Seven Bank Group employees. The number of articles to observe in the Code of Conduct has grown from five to seven, including respect for human rights. Companies and we employees must adapt to a rapidly changing environment. However, even in uncertain times we promise an all-embracing commitment to our origin, which is customer-focused service.

Seven Bank’s sustainability promotion efforts will continue to evolve in fiscal year 2023. We have created goals for each of the initiatives connected to our five identified material issues and will accelerate our work on environmental and social issues through our business activities. Furthermore, we will actively share sustainability-related information and strive, with our stakeholders, to increase social value and corporate value as we contribute to achieving the SDGs.

We of Seven Bank Group strive to implement the GREEN CHALLENGE 2050 environmental declaration of the Seven & i Group. We will continue to cooperate with other Seven & i Group companies to reduce our environmental impact. As a member of the Group, we will continue to undertake our business activities with consideration for social sustainability going forward.

the President and Representative Director