Time Deposits

A minimum Time Deposit of 10,000 Yen can be set up anytime via the Direct Banking Service or at a Seven Bank ATM.

Feature: Time Deposit for Seven Bank Account

  • You can easily set up a Time Deposit transaction anytime using Direct Banking Service or at Seven Bank's ATMs.
  • Time deposits can be set up quickly and adjusted in units of 1 Yen, with a minimum of 10,000 Yen.
  • Partial cancellations in 10,000 Yen units are accepted, which is convenient when you need money urgently.

Time Deposit Transactions

Icon displayed: Function is available

Transactions Ways for Carrying Out Transactions
ATM (Seven Bank) Direct Banking
Place a Time Deposit*1 *2 Direct Banking
Account Details Inquiry Direct Banking
Change Maturity Instructions Direct Banking
Cancellation (Cancellation Before Maturity)*1 Direct Banking
  • *1When setting up or canceling a Time Deposit, the Ordinary Deposit for a Seven Bank account is handled as a transfer (there is no transfer fee).
  • *2"Choose term" and "Automatic renewal (renewal of principal and interest)" are the only Time Deposit items that can be set at a Seven Bank ATM.

Seven Bank account holders can perform Time Deposit transactions anytime.

Choose Term Maturity Date Designation
Term 1 month, 3 months, 6 months,
1 year, 2 years, 3 years and 5 years
Longer than 1 month and less than 5 years
Deposit Amount and Unit Minimum amount of 10,000 Yen in units of 1 Yen
Handling upon Maturity Automatic renewal (renewal of principal and interest)
Automatic renewal (renewal of principal)
Redemption at maturity
Redemption at maturity
Applicable Interest Rate Refer to Interest Rates.Open in new windows
  • i"Choose term" and "Automatic renewal (renewal of principal and interest)" are the only Time Deposit items that can be set at a Seven Bank ATM. To change how it is handled upon maturity, use "Change Maturity Instructions." Refer to " Service Outline for Time Deposits " for further details on services.
  • iService is not available while system maintenance is performed.
  • At Seven Bank ATMs, a maximum of 50 bills can be withdrawn or deposited at a time. When the transaction amount is high, use the domestic money transfer function as much as possible.
  • The time deposit cannot be used independently. It is only available to Seven Bank account holders. Note, the time deposit function is also canceled when an account is terminated.