Support for Criminal Accounts Damage Recovery Act

The "Act on Damage Recovery Benefit Distributed from Fund in Bank Accounts Used for Crimes" (Abbreviated name: "Criminal Accounts Damage Recovery Act") took effect on June 21, 2008. Seven Bank offers support for inquiries as well as consultation for customers who fall victim to bank transfer scams, etc.

When Victimized by Bank Transfer Scams, etc.

  • If you fall victim to a bank transfer scam or any other scam, immediately contact the "police" or the "financial institution used for the bank transfer," and request that the bank account used for the crime be suspended.
  • The benefits distributed to victims of scams are allocated in proportion to the balance of funds that were transferred. Note that according to the law, funds are not reimbursed for account balances of less than 1,000 Yen.
  • Only those who have requested (or the agents of those requesting) payment of damage recovery benefits for a specific account may view decision tables. Eligible individuals who wish to view decision tables must contact 2 business days prior to the date they wish to view the tables. This unit will provide information about the process, location, etc. involved in viewing decision tables.
  • Contact the Seven Bank Operations Center at 045-348-8868 for inquiry and consultation support.
    [Service hours: Monday-Friday 9:00-17:00 (excluding national holidays, at the end of the year, and the New Year's holiday)]

Summary of Relevant Law

  • Financial institutions shall suspend transactions by filing a police claim, etc., for the account that was used for the bank transfer scam, etc. Then, a request is submitted for the Deposit Insurance Corporation to post an announcement on the website in order to extinguish the deposit claim for the account used for the crime.
  • After the deposit claim is extinguished, a request is submitted for the Deposit Insurance Corporation to post an announcement on the website, indicating that a request has been filed by the victim. After verifying that the person filing the request within a prescribed time period is the "victim", we shall allocate the funds.
Application Procedure
  • * In consideration of the victims afftected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, the payment application period has been extended to 90 days.

[Criminal Act]

  • Bank transfer scams ("Hey it's me" scam, fraudulent request for funds, financing and security deposit scam and refund scam, etc.)
  • Internet auction scams
  • Black market lending

The aforementioned acts and other scams involving "deposits made into accounts through illegal activity damaging to personal assets" shall be considered a criminal act.