Service Outline for Seven Bank Account

(As of February 7 , 2024)

Product Name

Seven Bank Account

Eligible Customers

Individuals residing in Japan, in principle("residents" as defined in the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act of Japan)

  • A Seven Bank Account bears the account holder’s first name and family name only.(A Seven Bank Account may not be used as a business purpose account.)
  • Each customer cannot have more than one Seven Bank Account.

Product/Service Description

The lineup of products and services is as follows.

Basic Products/Services Ordinary Deposit
Time Deposit
Direct Banking Service
Optional Products/Services Loan Service (card loan)
International Money Transfer Service
Point Service
Debit Card Service

Cash Card

The Bank issues a cash card (as a main card) to each account holder.

Bank Statement

The Bank issues bank statements as substitute for a passbook. A statement is prepared as of the last day of each calendar month and made available for viewing via the Internet around the 10th day of the immediately following month.

  • As of Sunday, October 17, 2021, we discontinued the acceptance of applications for the Paper Statement Mailing Service. If you currently use this service, you will continue to be able to use the service from Monday, October 18, 2021, onward.
  • For customers using the Paper Statement Mailing Service, the Bank sends hardcopies of bank statements to their registered home address by domestic ordinary postal mail (as private and confidential, with no forwarding required) around the 15th day of each month. In this case, the paper statement mailing fee of ¥220 (inclusive of Japanese consumption taxes) is debited from the customer’s account on the 2nd day of each month. If this fee cannot be debited in any month, the statement for the same month will not be sent.
  • If a statement reissued or additionally issued is send by postal mail, the paper statement mailing fee of ¥550 (inclusive of Japanese consumption taxes) is charged for each monthly statement and debited from the customer’s account.

Direct Banking Service

The following banking service offered to customers holding a Seven Bank Account.

Service Description

Internet Banking Through a PC, smartphone, or other terminal device, the following services can be accessed and used: online passbooks, domestic fund transfers, time deposits, loan service, international money transfers, the Point Service, and other customer service.
  • Internet banking may be unavailable through some types of devices or applications.

Service Menu

Online Passbook Through Internet banking, the following contents are available for online viewing: account balances, depositing/ withdrawal details, time deposits, and monthly statements.
  • Monthly statements may be unavailable for viewing through some types of devices or applications.
Domestic Fund Transfer Instant fund transfers, scheduled fund transfers, arrangement of automatic payments, and inquiries for awaiting fund transfers can be processed through Internet banking.
  • We accept requests and inquiries 24 hours a day.
  • You can transfer money up to the transfer limit you have set within the total transaction limit per day, i.e. 1 million yen (Customers who have set up app authentication: 10 million yen).
Time Deposit Internet banking allows customers to create time deposits, change maturity options, and arrange early termination of time deposits.
Loan Service Internet banking allows customers to apply for the Loan Service, perform borrowings, repayments, and an increase of the borrowing limit, and view loan transaction details and loan agreements.
International Money Transfer Internet banking allows customers to apply for the International Money Transfer Service, upload requests for international money transfers, view money transfer details, and add/delete receivers.
Other Customer Service Internet banking allows customers to perform the operations listed below, among others.
Changing a logon ID
Changing a logon password
Registering an email address or changing the registered email address
Opt-in and opt-out settings for notification mail
Termination of the Paper Statement Mailing Servic
Application for switch to a Cash Card with Debit Card Service
Changing a cash card PIN
Resetting a cash card PIN
Deactivation of a cash card
Requesting reissue of a cash card
Changing the direct banking transfer limit
Setting the usage limits by banking method
Changing the ATM withdrawal limit
Changing the setting for early termination of time deposits requested through ATMs
Changing the customer information
Registering, changing and viewing the Point Service information
Registering and changing the Monthly Auto-Deposit Service

Service Fees

The direct banking service is free of charge.

  • Customers must bear and pay for fund transfer fees, telephone charges, telecommunication charges for accessing the Internet banking service, connection charges billed by Internet service providers, and other costs.

Service Hours

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in principle

Other Instructions

  • The email notice service provides notices concerning transaction details, etc. by email to the customer’s registered email address.
  • To register for the Direct Banking Service, you need to first set up the Seven Bank International Money Transfer App (a smartphone app).
    How to set up the Seven Bank International Money Transfer Appopen in new window
  • To enroll in the direct banking service, registration of an email address is required. To perform direct banking, a customer is required to register a logon ID, logon password, customer ID, confirmation number, PIN, and other matters designated by the Bank.
  • The customer ID and the confirmation number are printed on the reverse side of a cash card.
    • In the case of a Cash Card with Debit Card Service, the customer will be issued a Direct Banking Card on which a customer ID and a confirmation number are printed, together with a Cash Card with Debit Card Service.
  • For security purposes, the logon password, confirmation number and PIN will be invalidated after the specified number of erroneous inputs.
  • The Bank’s direct banking service is protected by the sophisticated security system using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) communication based on at least 128-bit encryption.
  • The direct banking service is available in the operating environment prescribed by the Bank.
    • The recommended operating environment is described on the Bank’s website.
  • A customer may at any time discontinue his/her use of the direct banking service.
    • Certain procedures must be taken to register such discontinuation.
  • When a customer’s Seven Bank Account is terminated, the direct banking service for this customer will also be deemed to have terminated.
  • All or part of the direct banking service may be unavailable for users accessing from outside Japan.
  • The direct banking service may be unavailable due to system maintenance, etc.

Service Fees

The fees listed below are inclusive of Japanese consumption taxes, etc.

Seven Bank ATM Fees [Depositing] Free of charge
Daytime (7:00 to 19:00): Free of charge
Other hours (19:00 to 7:00): ¥110
Transfer Fee [Fund transfer within Seven Bank] ¥55
[Fund transfer to other bank] ¥165
  • With respect to fund transfers through an ATM, ATM fee may be separately charged depending on the hour.
Reverse Transfer Fee ¥660 for each reverse transfer
  • A reverse transfer is not always possible. If a reverse transfer cannot be performed, the customer should talk directly with the receiver.
Cash Card Issue Fee [Reissue of a cash card to an Account holder]¥1,100
[Reissue of an agent card] ¥1,100
[Change to design of cash card] ¥1,100
  • The design for a Cash Card with Debit Card Service cannot be changed once chosen.
Paper Statement Mailing Fee [Postal mailing service] ¥220 per month(*1)
[Reissue or additional issue] ¥550 for one monthly statement
Balance Certificate Issue Fee [Periodic Issue] ¥330 per copy(*3)
[Ad hoc issue] ¥550 per copy
[Non-standard issue] ¥2,200 per copy
Reissue of Itemized ATM Usage Statement ¥330 per copy
Itemized Transfer Statement ¥330 per copy
Miscellaneous Certificate Issue Fee ¥1,100 per copy
Unused account management fee 1,320 yen per annum(*2)
Accounts which will have not been in use for two years or more from the last transaction (deposit/withdrawal), except in the following cases:
  • -the balance is 10,000 yen or more (including time deposits); or
  • -the account is covered by a loan service agreement.
Other Charges and Costs An international money transfer and a debit transaction (conducted abroad) are subject to the payment of the fees and charges separately prescribed by the Bank, as detailed further in a separate product overview for the International Money Transfer Service/Debit Card Service.
  • *1As of Sunday, October 17, 2021, we discontinued the acceptance of applications for the Paper Statement Mailing Service. If you currently use this service, you will continue to be able to use the service from Monday, October 18, 2021, onward.
  • *2The first withdrawal of the unused account management fee will be made on or after June 1, 2025.
  • *3The periodic issue fee (330 yen per copy) will be debited from the ordinary deposits on the 10th day of the month following the issue month.If the date of debiting falls on a Saturday, Sunday or national holiday, the fee will be debited on the next business day.

Termination of Account by the Bank

If a cash card sent after a Seven Bank Account is opened fails to reach the customer due to an unidentified address or for any other reason, or if two years have elapsed since the opening of an Account without any cash being deposited into the Account, the Bank may close the account.

Other Helpful Information

  • A printed passbook will not be issued.
  • The automatic payment service is unavailable for public utility charges, except for some specified charges such as telephone bills.
  • For each depositing or withdrawal through a Seven Bank ATM, up to 50 bills can be processed.
  • Instead of large amount withdrawals from a Seven Bank ATM, fund transfers to the customer’s account with any other bank are more recommendable in terms of both security and convenience.
  • There may be situations where Seven Bank ATMs are unavailable due to maintenance work, etc.

Designated Dispute Resolution Organization

Japanese Bankers Association

Customer Relations Center

0570-017109 or 03-5252-3772
Service days:
Monday to Friday (excluding national holidays and non-business days)
Service hours:
9:00 to 17:00
  • The above is an English translation of the Japanese version, prepared merely for the customers' convenience. If there is any inconsistency between the two, the Japanese version shall prevail.