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Sample of registration process in Japan Post Bank

  • *The screen used on this page is as of December 2017. The screen and other texts may have changed.
  • Select the "同意する" (I agree) button if you agree with the terms and conditions.

  • *The website mentioned on the below side refers to Japan Post Bank website.
  • The Payment Collection Company Name is displayed as "三菱UFJファクター株式会社" (Mitsubishi UFJ Factors Limited).
    Enter your bank account information, then select "進む" (Proceed) button.

  • *The Mitsubishi UFJ Factors Limited is the contracted service provider of Seven Bank Monthly Auto-Deposit Service (account transfer).
  • Enter your personal information and remaining details. Then, select "進む" (Proceed) button.

  • Select "進む" (Proceed) button after you verify the details.

  • Enter the PIN of your Japan Post Bank ATM card. Then, select "進む" (Proceed) button.

  • Select "口座振替申込" (Register for Direct Debit) button if the contents are correct.

  • Your application is completed once the page returns to "Monthly Auto-deposit Page".
    Please make sure that the "Application Completed" page is successfully displayed.

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