Sample of registration process in Japan Post Bank

  • The screen used on this page is as of December 2017. The screen and other texts may have changed.
  1. STEP1

    Select the "同意する" (I agree) button if you agree with the terms and conditions.

    • The website mentioned on the below side refers to Japan Post Bank website.
  2. STEP2

    The Payment Collection Company Name is displayed as "三菱UFJファクター株式会社" (Mitsubishi UFJ Factors Limited).
    Enter your bank account information, then select "進む" (Proceed) button.

    • The Mitsubishi UFJ Factors Limited is the contracted service provider of Seven Bank Monthly Auto-Deposit Service (account transfer).
  3. STEP3

    Enter your personal information and remaining details. Then, select "進む" (Proceed) button.

  4. STEP4

    Select "進む" (Proceed) button after you verify the details.

  5. STEP5

    Enter the PIN of your Japan Post Bank ATM card. Then, select "進む" (Proceed) button.

  6. STEP6

    Select "口座振替申込" (Register for Direct Debit) button if the contents are correct.

  7. STEP7

    Your application is completed once the page returns to "Monthly Auto-deposit Page".
    Please make sure that the "Application Completed" page is successfully displayed.