Monthly Auto-Deposit Service Outline

(As of March 13, 2024)

Product Name

Monthly Auto-Deposit Service

Eligible Customers

Customers holding a Seven Bank Account

Service Description

The Bank withdraws, by direct debit, an amount designated by a customer from an account held in the customer's name with a financial institution other than the Bank, and deposits the same amount in a Seven Bank account held in the customer's name.

Acceptable Amount of Deposit

Between 10,000 yen and 1,000,000 yen, by unit of one yen

Debit Date

26th day of each month (if the 26th day is a non-business day, the following business day)

Deposit Date

Five business days after the debit date

Maximum Number of Registerable Debit Accounts

Up to two accounts

Service Fee

No fee

How to Apply

To apply for the Monthly Auto-Deposit Service, please visit the Direct Banking Service page and move to the Monthly Auto-Deposit Service page. Applications in paper form or by phone are unacceptable.

Hours for Accepting Applications

Applications are acceptable 24 hours, 365 days in principle, except for the following system maintenance hours:

  • 1.between 11:30PM on every fourth Sunday and 9:00AM the next day;
  • 2.between 1:00AM and 6:00AM on the last Tuesday in Jan., Apr., Jul. and Oct.; and
  • 3.during system maintenance hours for the direct debit services at the financial institution registered for direct debit.

Financial Institution Registrable for Direct Debit

Financial institutions in Japan, designated by the Bank's service contractor, The Mitsubishi UFJ Factors Limited (except for some financial institutions).

Other Helpful Information

  • If a procedure via the Direct Banking Service (application, change of the amount, suspension, cancellation) is completed eight business days prior to the debit date, the relevant procedure is effective as of the debit date of the current month. If a procedure is completed less than eight business days prior to the debit date, the relevant procedure is effective as of the debit date of the next month.
  • If it is impossible to withdraw the debit amount from the debit account on the debit date for two consecutive months, the Bank will suspend the withdrawal in the next month.
  • Please note that the Bank will cancel the agreement in the following cases:
    • 1.if it is impossible to deposit the debit amount in the Seven Bank account held in the customer's name;
    • 2.three months have passed since the date of suspension.

Designated Dispute Resolution Organization

Japanese Bankers Association

Customer Relations Center

0570-017109 or 03-5252-3772
Service days:
Monday to Friday (excluding national holidays and non-business days for banks)
Service hours:
9:00 to 17:00
  • The above is an English translation of the Japanese version, prepared merely for the customers' convenience. If there is any inconsistency between the two, the Japanese version shall prevail.