January 25, 2019

Important Notice

Do You Have a Seven Bank Cash Card You Have Not Used for a Long Time?

Do you have any money deposited in a Seven Bank account that has been left unused for a long time?

We continue to keep such deposits in customers’ accounts. You can withdraw your deposit by following the prescribed procedures such as having your cash card and registered seal confirmed with us. Please check whether you have any such deposit.

Even when your deposit becomes a dormant deposit as defined under the Dormant Deposits Utilization Act, you can still withdraw it through Seven Bank.

Even if you cannot find your cash card or registered seal at hand, you can withdraw your deposit if it is confirmed that the deposit you seek to withdraw is your deposit. Please call our Contact Center with a document indicating the branch name or account number of your account ready at hand.

Seven Bank Contact Center
0088-21-1189 (toll-free) or 03-5610-7730 (toll charged)
* Operators available from Mon to Sat 9:00~18:00
(Except Sundays, National Holidays and 12/31~1/3)