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Important Notice

February 15, 2021

[Important]Submission Request for Photocopy of Residence Card

As part of our measures against money laundering and terrorist financing, we confirm the status of residence and period of stay (date of expiration) regarding our customers with foreign nationalities. Accordingly, we request those customers to submit photocopies of their residence cards by the method specified below so that we can confirm their status of residence and period of stay (date of expiration).

Starting from March 2021, we will send a notice by post to customers who already have Seven Bank accounts.* If you receive the notice, please submit your residence card by any of the methods described therein.

  • *This notice will be sent to customers who submitted their residence cards, alien registration certificates , or the like, upon opening an account or concluding an International Money Transfer Service Agreement .alien registration certificate held by a mid to long term resident.If you have a special permanent resident certificate, please submit its photocopy instead of your residence card.

If your period of stay expires before you submit photocopies your residence card, or if you refuse to submit photocopies your residence card, we may restrict all or part of your transactions, and if we further find it necessary, we may terminate your account, in accordance with the Seven Bank Banking Terms and Conditions .

[Important] Partial Revision to the Seven Bank Account Terms and Condition (Notice dated September 30, 2019)

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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