April 1, 2022


Partial revision of "Description of Handling Personal Information from Customers"

Please be informed that the "Description of Handling Personal Information from Customers" will be partially revised as follows:

[Rules, etc. subject to revision]
・Description of Handling Personal Information from Customers

    [Summary of revision]

  • 1. Name, Address and the Name of Representative of the Business Operator Handling Personal Information
    Newly established.
  • 2. Purpose of Use for Personal Information
    Purpose of use are described in more detail, and purpose of use of the processed semi-unidentifiable personal information (Kana processing information) are added.
  • 4. Information related to Individuals
    Newly established.
  • 8. Security Control Measures
    Security Control Measures are described in more details, and a paragraph concerning Understanding of the External Environment is newly established.
  • 11. Procedure for Disclosure Request
    Provision of electromagnetic records is added as a method of responding to customers' inquiries.
  • 12. Contact Information for Questions, Concerns or Complaints concerning the Handling of Personal Information
    Contact information for providing information concerning the personal information protection system in place in the country of destination of the overseas money transmission made by a customer is clarified.

Please see the following weblink for more details concerning these revisions:

[Date of revision]
April 1, 2022