October 3, 2023

Important Notice

Partial revision of "Description of Handling Personal Information from Customers"

Please be informed that the "Description of Handling Personal Information from Customers" will be partially revised as follows:

[Rules, etc. subject to revision]
・Description of Handling Personal Information from Customers

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2. Purpose of Use for Personal Information
※Details are as follows.

After revision

2. Purpose of Use for Personal Information
1. Description of Services

  • 1.Deposits, currency exchanges, money exchanges, loans, foreign exchanges, and associated services
  • 2.Regional revitalization services, services that may be legally provided by banks and any other services incidental thereto
  • 3.Other services that permit banks to perform operations and their associated services (including services in which future bank processing is permitted)

2. Purpose of Use

Type of Information Purpose of Use
Application information and transaction information of customers

・For processing applications for opening accounts, financial products such as loans or services

Identification information and transaction information of customers ・For identity verification based on the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds, etc.、 or for confirming the eligibility for use of financial products and services, etc.
・For providing financial products and services, as well as for responding to inquiries.
・For confirming the eligibility for and implementing campaigns
・For determining the use and managing transactions, such as management of the due date of deposit transactions and loan transactions, etc.
・For making reports on transaction results and deposit balances, etc.
・For processing administrative matters concerning transactions with the customers
・For providing information to a third party within the scope required to carry out related services, such as providing personal information to an authorized (member) personal credit information agency in conducting the credit business, etc.
・For exercising rights or performing duties based on an agreement with the customer or in accordance with relevant laws, etc.
・For all types of proposals related to products and services of alliance partners, etc. (*)
・For all types of proposals related to financial products and services, such as sending direct mails, etc. (*)
・For assessing appropriateness of providing financial products and services, such as assessment based on the principle of suitability, etc.
・For preventing financial crimes by way of data analysis (*)
・For market research, such as identifying the advertisement which led to applications, etc. (*)
・For carrying out consigned services appropriately when all or some of the personal information processing services have been consigned from another business operator, etc.
Security camera data of customers ・For preventing financial crimes by data analysis
・For using for the purpose of development of products and services and market research, after processing data so as to make the faces unidentifiable, and preparing statistic information such as transaction ratio, etc. by analyzing the customers' actions upon using the ATMs
Telephone call log, address, terminal information, etc. of customers ・For identifying identify thefts, etc.
Transaction information of customers and voice data of inquiries from customers ・For researching and developing financial products and services by carrying out data analysis and questionnaires, etc.
Any and all information of customers ・Otherwise for carrying out customer transactions appropriately and smoothly

These include usage by way of analyzing the transaction information, browsing history, attribute information, etc. of the customers.

For the revised regulations, please see the following weblink.

[Date of revision]
October 3, 2023