Security Measures for Direct Banking Service

    • 1.Seven Bank shall exercise extreme caution when managing information, by adopting a strong security system in order to ensure a safe and secure customer experience with Direct Banking Service.
    • 2.Seven Bank Direct Banking Service uses VeriSign Global Server ID. All data communication is protected with advanced security using 128 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or higher encrypted communication.
    • 3.When carrying out transactions, the following is required to verify the identity of the customer: "Logon ID (Customer ID)," "Logon Password," "Confirmation Number" "Cash Card PIN" and "App authentication".
    • 4.Your "Cash Card PIN," "Logon Password" and "Confirmation Number" become locked or invalidated if you enter them incorrectly more than the number of chances prescribed by Seven Bank.
    • 5.If no operation such as an input operation is performed for a certain period of time after logging on, the user is automatically logged off (exit).
    • 6.The date and time of the previous logon session is displayed each time you logon in order to help ensure that any unauthorized transactions are immediately detected. In addition, when there is a domestic money transfer transaction or when your request was processed to change personal information, etc., Seven Bank will notify you using a "Notification Email" or the "Message Box (Notification)."
    • 7.Logon is not possible using the same logon ID simultaneously on multiple terminals.