Using Direct Banking Service for the First Time

We have redesigned our website.

Changes and Additions  have been made to the Seven Bank website, logon page, service pages, etc.

Flow When Using Direct Banking Service for the First Time (Seven Bank account holders registered for Direct Banking Service)

STEP1 Seven Bank Website Click on the 'Logon' button. First time users need to 'Register for Direct Banking Service.' STEP2 Logon Page Enter your 'Logon ID' and 'Logon Password.' STEP3 Service Agreement for First Logon You must conclude the agreement before using our service when logging on for the first time. STEP4 Direct Banking Service Page You can begin using the Direct Banking Service.
Step.1Seven Bank Website (The URL for the top page has not changed.)

Mainly, the website's top page and individual customer pages have been redesigned and reorganized.
Click on the logon button, located on the top-right part of the screen, to use the Direct Banking Service.

Step.2Direct Banking Service Logon Page
Customers who are already Seven Bank account holders can use their 'Customer ID' printed on the back of their cash card as their logon ID. You can continue to use your logon password that you currently use.
  • iAfter logging on, you can change the logon ID and logon password in "Customer Service."
  • iAfter the reissuance of your cash card, use the customer ID on your old cash card for your logon ID when registering for Direct Banking Service with your new cash card. If you do not have an old cash card, click "If you forgot your logon ID" on Logon Page to reset your logon ID.
Step.3Service Agreement Page for First Logon

Customers who already have a Seven Bank account must conclude the "Agreement Before Using Our Service" when first logging onto the Direct Banking Service.

To conclude the service agreement, tick the check box and press Next.
  • After concluding the service agreement, authentication based on a registered seal or signature will be abolished and the relevant procedures will mainly be handled via the Direct Banking Service.
  • iYou need to register your email address to use the Direct Banking Service.
  • iDepending on your status of use, you may need to enter your personal information, etc., before arriving at the Direct Banking Service page.
Step.4Direct Banking Service Page

We redesigned all the website pages. For your convenience, we made the text easier to read and organized the content on the top page that is frequently accessed, such as notifications and transaction statements.
Please logon and visit the Direct Banking Service page, which is available from January 14, 2014.
We hope you take advantage of this opportunity to register and use the Direct Banking Service.

  • i The description of new services available in the Direct Banking Service can be found here.

Questions and Answers

I don't know my "Logon ID" or "Logon Password."

Use the "Customer ID" printed on the back of your cash card when entering your logon ID (for customers who have not set their own logon ID yet). The logon password can be changed and reset by following the link: "If you forgot your logon password" at the logon page.

I have not logged on before, do I need to register for something?

When using Direct Banking Service (Remote Banking) for the first time, you must "Register for Direct Banking Service." You can register at the Seven Bank website.

What happens if I do not conclude the "Agreement Before Using Our Service?"

The service conditions have not changed from the previous procedure which used the registered seal or signature. Without the service agreement, Direct Banking Service cannot be used.