Description of New Services in the Direct Banking Service

In addition to the Direct Banking Service launch, the following services and procedures have been changed and updated.

Procedures are Faster for Your Convenience!

Procedures which required the customer to mail in documents can now be carried out faster via the Direct Banking Service.

  • Main Procedures Available in the Direct Banking Service
  • Reissuance of Cash Card
  • Procedure if You Forget Your Cash Card Pin

After applying via the Direct Banking Service, a temporary PIN is sent to your registered email address. After changing the cash card PIN to a PIN of your choosing, you can begin using your cash card.

  • iFor family cards, "Notification of Temporary PIN" postcards will be mailed out (not by email) a few days after receiving your request. After changing the cash card PIN to a PIN of your choosing at an ATM, you can begin using your cash card.
  • iIf you don't use the Direct Banking Service, you can have a temporary PIN reissued via our website as well. Note, that in this situation, a "Notification of Temporary PIN" postcard will be mailed out (not by email) to you.
Our Loan Service is More Convenient Than Ever!

Other bank account holders can now also apply for a Seven Bank account with Loan Service.

  • Borrowing Limit

There are 3 types of borrowing limits that are available for a new application: 100,000, 300,000 or 500,000 Yen.

  • iThe borrowing limit may be less than the requested amount based on the application screening result. Confirm the borrowing limit before concluding the Loan Service Agreement.
  • Application for an Increase in Borrowing Limit

After 2 months have elapsed since concluding a Loan Service agreement with a 100,000 or 300,000 borrowing limit, customers can apply for an additional increase in the borrowing limit (for 300,000 or 500,000).

Domestic Money transfers are More Convenient Than Ever!

The transfer later function and monthly automatic domestic money transfers are now available.

  • Transfer Later

Any date up to the end of the following month can be designated for the domestic money transfer.

  • iA registered domestic money transfer can still be canceled until 1:00 in the morning on the designated date by the customer via the "Transfer History Details" or "Transaction/Request Status."
  • Automatic Domestic Money Transfer

A domestic money transfer can be carried out automatically for the chosen term each month on the designated date, for the designated amount and to the designated receiver.
Once you set up an automatic domestic money transfer, you do not need to do or worry about anything else.
You can also configure the advanced settings such as how the domestic money transfer is handled when the designated date falls on a holiday.

The Application for the Automatic Payment Service is Also Now Available Online!

The automatic payment request form is no longer needed, and the "Application for Automatic Payment Service" is now available online.

  • iThere are a limited number of companies (payment collection agencies) that offer applications for Automatic Payment Service. More information can be found here (Japanese only).
  • iThe paper based automatic payment request form can still be used for the Automatic Payment Service. The imprint of your seal at the indicated location or your signature is required.
    If there is no signature or imprint of your seal at the indicated location, your application may not be accepted by the available company, etc.
    Customers (*) who have not registered their seal or signature with Seven Bank can still submit their application with an unregistered seal or signature.
    After submitting the automatic payment request form to an available company, etc., an email will be sent to your registered email address requesting you to complete the Automatic Payment Service registration.
    Follow the instructions in the email to complete the procedure via the Direct Banking Service within the specified time period. Note, the names of available companies are listed in the email, however, the names may be different from the available companies where the customer files the application.
    (*) ・ Customers who have consented on the abolishment of authentication procedure that is based on a registered seal or signature
    ・ Customers who have not registered their seal or signature when they opened an account
Service in English is Also Available!

All pages for Internet Banking are also available on our English website. You can use our services by accessing these pages in English.

  • iJapanese may appear in some parts on the statement, etc.
  • iWhen applying for a Seven Bank account, Seven Bank will send an email in English to those customers who would like instructions in English (Logon to the Direct Banking Service and change the language settings under "Customer Service").
  • iNotifications (important notices) that are posted on Internet Banking before using the Direct Banking Service may be displayed in Japanese.
Service is Even Faster on Smartphones!

A smartphone website is now available.
Transactions can be carried out quickly anytime and anywhere.

Improved Security!
  • Improved Email Security

Electronic signatures are assigned to emails that are sent from Seven Bank.
An electronic signature is a means to verify who wrote or created the email, or to verify that the email was not altered or falsified.
This signature certifies that the email was in fact sent by Seven Bank and that the email was not altered or falsified. The customer can not only confirm the electronic signature but also protect himself or herself from phishing scams or other falsification.

  • iWhen using email software that does not support this signature, the email message will display but the file "smime.p7s" is attached to the email as the digital certificate. However, the electronic signature cannot be confirmed even if the attached file is opened.
  • Suspend the Direct Banking Service by Setting the Channels

Use of Direct Banking Service can be suspended on your PC, smartphone or mobile phone, by not using your PC for a certain period of time or by canceling use of your mobile phone, etc.

  • Customize the Logon Password Settings

This logon password is used for logging onto the Direct Banking Service.
Proceed to "Register for Direct Banking Service" or configure the setting under "Customer Service" to specify a password of your choosing.
Please enter a password between 6 and 32 single-byte alphanumeric characters. (Passwords cannot consist of numbers or letters only. In addition, you cannot set a password that is identical to the logon ID.)
Please note that the logon passwords are case-sensitive.
However, customers who set their logon passwords before January 13, 2014 can continue to use their passwords even when the current password being used applies to the above conditions.

Other New Functions Have Been Added for Your Convenience!
  • Plan Notification Function

You will receive a notification email about your registered plans (maximum of 15) on the date that was set (after 8:00 a.m.).

  • iYou may be unable to register or edit your plan in the plan notification function depending on your status.
  • Photo and Image Settings

In Direct Banking Service, your favorite photo or image can be selected and used next to your name, which is also useful when verifying if the site is correct (yours) or not.

  • Background Selection

Depending on your mood, you can select your favorite background from 3 different patterns.

  • iThe above functions are available only when using the Direct Banking Service on your PC.
Changes to the Various Terms and Conditions Related to Seven Bank Accounts as well as the Service Outline.

On January 14, 2014, there were changes to the various terms and conditions related to the Seven Bank accounts as well as the service outline.
More information can be found here.