Applying for a Seven Bank Account

Various ways to open a Seven Bank account are available for the customer.

Complete Your Application Online!

From January 14, 2014, the customer can use one of the following ways to apply.

  • iSome ways to apply when opening an account may not be available depending on the identity verification documents that are used.
  • Open an Account Online

If you open an account online, the application can be processed and completed online, without having to mail in the account application form or the identity verification documents.
After applying, a notification from the Japan Post will arrive with instructions for receiving your cash card.
The cash card (mail) is only given to the account holder, who must present an identity verification document to receive it at home or to pick it up at the post office.

  • iThe ID confirmation delivery service offered by the Japan Post is used for delivery.
  • Open an Account by Mail

The "Seven Bank Account Application Form (Individual Customers)," with your personal information inserted from your online application, will be mailed to you. After confirming the details and signing the form, enclose the identity verification document in the return envelope and mail it to Seven Bank.

  • iAfter processing your application, Seven Bank will mail you your cash card.
You can Also Apply for an Account with Loan Service!

Other bank account holders can now also apply for a Seven Bank account with Loan Service.
The new services available in the Loan Service can be found here.

  • iApplications are screened for Loan Service and for International Money Transfer Service. Note that your application may not be accepted depending on the screening result.
  • An identity verification document is required when applying. Be sure to have an identity verification document which is specified by Seven Bank ready beforehand.
  • If the application for opening an account goes during the period at the end of the year and the New Year or Golden Week holidays, processing may take longer than usual.
  • The process of opening an account may be canceled in the following situations.
  • -If the cash card is not delivered to the registered address, due to nondelivery, etc.
  • -After receiving a "Delivery Notice," if the cash card is not picked up from the post office within the allotted time.