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Check Your Account Statement

You can use the method below to check your Debit Card Service account statement.
On your account statement, you can check the name of the stores that you shopped at and the amount of money you spent.
To use MyJCB and the app Bankbook, you must register for the Direct Banking Service.

  • *The name of the stores that you shopped at may not be displayed until the Bank has received the shopping data from the JCB merchant.

Check with the app Bankbook

You can easily check your account statement from your smartphone and other devices. You can also check your account balance and how many nanaco points you have earned.

  • *You must download the app first to use it.

For details about the app Bankbook, see here

Check with MyJCB

Log on to the Direct Banking Service to use MyJCB

  • *MyJCB is available in Japanese (including emails and notifications).
You need a Seven Bank Account to apply for the Debit Card Service.

Customers who have a Seven Bank Account

(Change to the Cash Card with Debit Card Service)

Customers who do not have a Seven Bank Account

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